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Waypoints for La Cloche trail in Killarney provincial park

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I don't have them any more, but I still have my route map to Silver peak - As well as a Google image of the route I took to get to the top.. From the maps I just "made up" rough coordinates, and plotted them in map source. It worked out fine!


Are you planning to do the entire trail? How many weeks have you booked off? :D


Thanks very much. That's great.


Ok, here it is... I'm planning on doing it in 3 days. [insert laughter here]. I've hiked chunks of the trail before so I know what it's like. And my wife and I carried huge packs from Bunnyrabbit to George Lake in 7 hours in the most incredible deluge I've ever seen (water was knee deep in some areas).... Ok, I'm laughing now but I really think I can do it. Really.

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If the trail is on the federal topographic maps, you can get the data online. See the thread about the free topo maps.


Thanks. I found the thread and even understood some of it. :( It will take some reading for me to figure out how to do this. Pretty cool stuff though!

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If you have the Killarney map, it already has UTM grids on it and you can enter these into your gpsr, then when you switch back to degrees, it will convert the UTM coords.


That's a good idea! In fact, I have the Mapsource Canada Enhanced Basemap so I could actually use the Killarney map to lay out the trail on the basemap and then save the map to my GPS. So simple but it never occurred to me.


I guess it's clear that I haven't done this kind of stuff before?! All I've ever done is load the maps from the CD and load cache waypoints...

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