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It must be tax time!


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Side note. I am overwhelmed by all who have mentioned my name I thank you all . It's a blessing being part of this great community !


Wow, have to bring this here. Thank you all so much !


So many folks here have been so wonderful with me on these boards.


DresselDragons, for one of my favorite coins in my collection, Thanks LeNore, I am honored to have a full set of your coins !


POS, MustangJoni, so many others to name :laughing: the list goes on !

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This post is to anyone I may have missed / traded with ! Wonderfull folks in the coin community. thanks for everyones kindness !!


Thanks go out to all of the coin houses


C&P Aaron and his better half :laughing:

Hogwildstuff ! Steve is a great guy !

nielsenc from Oakcoins /Geoswag of course, Thanks for this thread / contest to pass time today.

The Geocoinstore



Castleman Jim, Always a giving gent !



Any I may have missed. :laughing:


EDIT to add Rusty at personal geocoins !


Also thanks go out to the Cachebug Blog to help keep us abreast of new coins out !!


Good luck to all in this contest, and was wonderful to hear everyones gestures of kindness !

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