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Night caching equipment alert!

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I'd not usually promote a product on these forums, but I've been so pleased with my Challenge Xtreme Rechargeable 8 LED Spotlight from Argos that I thought I'd share the news. They're £14.99 at the moment, which is half what I paid for mine (I have since sorted this out with a partial refund) and run with a bright white light for hour after hour after hour. At least 16 hours, which makes them idea for a week's camping (they come with a 12v car-charger as well as an AC adapter) as well as caching. They're also tough and lightweight... who could ask for more?


This has been a public service announcement :D

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That's a great price for a handy bit of kit, and no doubt explains why all but 2 x Argos stores in the SE have no stock already!!!!
If you're struggling to get some, I currently have five - my one and four I 'borrowed' from Argos under their 30-day return policy for a film project I'm working on. I'd be happy to sell them on, only slightly used. Indeed, I think I might not return them at all as I have more filming to do and their white light is suitable for daylight simulation... Still, if you really can't find one at Argos and would like one, drop me an email. Edited by Simply Paul
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Sold out at Castlepoint Bournemouth! The journey continues .......nearly as fun as Geocaching????


I was very close to Argos in Bmth Town Centre this morning - i should have checked on availability!!


(if you do go there it is close to a stage in my multi - you could kill 2 birds with 1 stone!!)

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If you are interested Lidl is doing a cheaper option link here next Monday plus led head torches - I keep one of the latter in my cache bag for those caches where I don't want to put my hand in a hole before first checking for nasties! :D Also useful for caches in caves. :D

I'll definitely be on the lookout for a cheap LED head torch for Will. The Petzl has to be my second best present ever - only beaten by my first GPSr. As well as night walking, caves and tunnels, they're great for camping and power cuts too. A good one lasts well over 70 hrs. :D

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For many years I have been a big fan of MagLite torches ('you know where you are with a MagLite...' :D ) and always had a couple of them in various sizes knocking around the house,

however, after reading a very favourable review, I bought one of these and I can highly recommend them.


They are made from aircraft aluminium, only use 3 AAA batteries yet are far, far brighter than my trusty 4 x C Cell Maglite AND they say the batteries last for up to 50 hours (Can't vouch for this as I'm still on my first set :D )


They are very light, fit in the palm of your hand and come with a belt pouch and lanyard.


Only downside? A bit expensive. (Not that I'll be saying that if I'm ever up Anglezarke moors in the dark :D )

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