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Caught Red Handed Micro COINTEST

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WINNER of 1st contest: Scoutbound

WINNER of 2nd contest: frivlas


Got mine in the mail today.....I don't need 10, so I'm going to give 2 tonight. 1 now and 1 a little bit later.


Please do NOT edit your answers, this will make you answer void.

1 answer at a time (no multiple guesses in a post) but post as many times as needed.

I have final say on winner.


QUESTION: In 1999, residents of Saco, Montana set a world record by cooking a 6,000-pound hamburger. How many cows went into that big burger?

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Same rules apply that were in the first post.


Do NOT edit your post or answer void.

Post as many times as needed but NO posting of multiple answers in one post.


QUESTION: When I was about 8-10 years old, I wrote a letter to a famous person (who I was in love with). I got a letter and a autographed picture back :huh: Who was that person?


Edit to add, I'm 37 now.

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