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Putting an image from a web page into the cache listing

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Sorry, I'm just full of questions this morning!


I have an image on my own website that I would like to appear on a cache listing. I want it to appear on the page straight away, rather than being in the gallery. Can I do that without using Photobucket or similar?


If so, please would someone be kind enough to tell me the html code needed?


Thank you.

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Becky, you need to use


<IMG SRC="http:// insert your picture details here >


The picture details for a picture on a page where there are several pictures, can be obtained by right clicking and selecting the properties option. Cope and paste the exact addy from there. It will usually start http:// and usually end with .jpg if it is a photo. :unsure:


or .gif for drawings or pictures, rather than photos

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Try http://www.imageshack.us - it creates the code for you, might suit you.

Although imageshack can be useful, in this case, the image is already hosted somewhere. (plus, I dont trust them to be able to provide a long-term storage, a service that's free and takes up gigabites of memory is unlikely to be commercially safe)


My personal method for images is to upload them to the cache page. If the image is insignificant, I will upload it to a note, and then delete the note - the image will still remain in place.

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Thanks everyone for your help.


I'd like to point out that this can be pretty annoying for paper cachers as they are generally forced to print the image and often end up with an extra sheet of paper, not to mention it's environmentally unfriendly. :lol:

I'm paperless, but I avoid doing it.


SidAndBob - you would not need to take the image with you, it will be required to work out the puzzle at home, but that's all. I have also considered dial-up users (of which I was one until last month), and the file size will be small.


:laughing: I'm talking about this new cache so much today that you'll all expect it to be spectacular when it's finally published! :lol:

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