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ArcticNomad Personal Geocoin

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Size: 38 mm (1.5”)

Thickness: 3.5 mm

Antique Silver

Trackable at Geocaching.com (with unique icon) 424.gif


Available for shipping now. :anitongue:


COIN PRICE: $ 10.00 Canadian

(Includes shipping of up to 2 coins within Canada)


Shipping and handling within Canada: ( Canadian funds )

3 coins = $ 2.00

additional coins = additional shipping charges


Shipping and handling to the United States: ( Canadian funds )

1 or 2 coins = $ 1.50

3 coins = $ 2.50

additional coins = additional shipping charges


Shipping and handling Worldwide: ( Canadian funds )

1 or 2 coins = $ 3.00

3 coins = $ 5.00

additional coins = additional shipping charges



We accept Paypal or a money order (Canadian funds)

*Please Note - Payments made by credit or debit card subject to an additional $1 charge due to a Paypal transaction fee for this service.



If you are interested in purchasing, please send email to: arcticnomad@hotmail.com with the following information:


Subject: ArcticNomad Geocoin

Geocaching Name

Real Name

Shipping Address

Paypal Email



Activation codes available at geocoinclub.com


Thanks in advance for your interest in our geocoin!

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Hi Danoshimano!


The coin is the one and only. I had them made last spring, got them just before a two month summer vacation, then September saw some nasty longterm health things happen in my family, so it has taken me until now to have the time and desire to post the coins for others to get. Hope you like them! There are still some left if you want one:)!

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Email sent for 2! Being from way down here in Florida (US), the kids are going to get a kick out of seeing where you're from! (I'm going to make them find Labrador before they get the coins!) Isn't Google Earth cool?!


Oh, and your coin is really cool, too! :rolleyes:

Coins arrived in Florida today, and the kids found Labrador! Thanks for the great coins, and the geography lesson! Oh, and they love the polar bear, too!

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