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Pancakes in Graskop

M@X Meerkat
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Following on from the great idea of Guineafowl's, the 27th of April is a public holiday. Anyone interested in meeting in the morning for a pancake breakfast at Harrie's Pancakes in Graskop? The Meerkats will be in the area from the 19th and we'll be placing a couple of new caches, so might try and organise a geocache event if anyone from that side of the world is interested in assisting with some of the arrangements/details?

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Mmm.. if we go on like this I will no longer be able to run up the hills behind geocaches. :anitongue:

I think we must go with LeonW's idea of geofeasting as an official sport. I will be one of the publishers of geofeasting caches, provided that I must first ry and test all the menu's.. :laughing:

I love Harry's in Graskop, but isn't Sabie closer for the Nelspruiters?

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Sabie/Graskop/Pigrims.... any of the above, all of the above - maak nie saak nie.

If there's food, like-minded geo-nutters, and some new caches, we'll be there like a shot!! :unsure::o:o


Agree with Guineafowl though, all this eating makes getting to the caches and finding them more difficult. After the last pancake session, even the 200m hike? to Horseshoe Falls was strenuous!! Did have to do it there-and-back twice, because we were so dof we needed the hint, and had to fetch it from the car. <_<

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To all Geofeasters


A all new difficulty rating is needed, we need to retain the difficulty, terrain but a culinary item is proposed.


This way I could make an informed decision on the merit of hunting a "lame" or micro cache. If it has a 5 star culinary rating that would up the cache's merit for me.


Looks like I need to make a plan to attend the next feasting (no singing Bard's allowed - meat with bacon rashers is O.K.) While everybody is at the restaurant, I could slip off to find the caches and be FTF.


I am also available as a volunteer Geofeasting Moderator and Charter Member.





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Okay, after much thought and deliberation, we have decided to host a geocaching event to be held in Sabie (for the conveniance of most cachers in the area and coming from places like Jhb, etc.). There will be a bunch of activities which will be spread in and around the Sabie/Graskop/Pilgrim's Rest Area. The event will be hopefully be published this weekend.

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