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I'm not getting email notifications of new caches OR finds on my caches

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I have the notification set up and used to get the emails of new caches. That stopped and a few weeks later I also stopped receiving notifications that my caches were found.


I don't use yahoo for my email, I use hotmail and have never had this problem before. I guess I can livewithout email notification of new caches but I really want to get an email when one of my caches were found.


Any help? I did search but it only turned up the threads saying to set up your notification settings or don't use yahoo.


Thanks for your help.

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Nope, it doesn't go to the junk mail folder. I had no problem getting the find email or the new cache notification email until a few months ago when many people had the problem. Even then, I still got the emails where people found my cache, that only stopped a month or so ago.

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My hotmail account just delivered "Found It" notifications for caches I know were found last Saturday, the 7th. (I visited the cache pages and the logs were there) Maybe Groundspeak is throttling delivery of notifications? I had a lot of trouble accessing GC.COM in the past week. You know the screen I'm sure.

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Hotmail and Yahoo mail can get really backed up sometimes. That would cause a delay of several days. They are, after all, free email accounts with millions of emails PER HOUR to process. Much of it is spam too. My current spam count is 80%. 80% of the email I get is spam. However 2 years ago it peaked at 90% spam.


Also, the ISP (Hotmail or Yahoo) can have spam filtering turned on, which could be filtering out mail from geocaching.com. Or you might have a spam filter at the PC level, would would also filter out geocaching.com. Solution: whitelist geocaching.com at every spam filter you could be using.

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