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Noah's Ark Geocoin Available Now

Red Otter

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I'm not taking reservations yet, but wanted to give a sneak peek of our upcoming coin. The front is 3-d and the coins will be in antique bronze (75 made), antique silver (75 made), two-tone (75 made) and black nickel (25 made).




Oh yeah, and the custom icon will be: ArkLarge.jpg


They are going to be around $8.50 apiece.

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I like the coin, so keep me informed.

But, what is the geocaching connection?


Although there is no direct connection, this is a personal coin for me with a design that I hope appeals to others.


Our "geocaching team" consists of our family who is represented by this coin. My wife is a huge fan of Noah's Ark and the animals on the front include the favorite animals of my children. I was going to include our geocaching nickname on the back, but I just didn't think it fit well with the design (i.e. -- it took away from the beauty of the design). I had also hoped to include otters in the line of animals (for our geocaching name), but they were too small and looked too far out of perspective with the other animals.

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Holding on to my subscription on this, and hoping to see it soon! However, I know how it can go, having just put my life on the line with the initial costs for my first coin. I'm ShAkInG In My BoOtS aNd My KnEeS aRe JeLlY! So I will keep this on my subscription list and be very patient until it's ready.


Happy Trails,


"There's a Black Sheep in the Family!"

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OK, I have the coins in hand and should have photos up tomorrow. I should have them for sale in a day or so (I have to figure out how to receive PayPal -- I'm just used to buying with it).


I have 75 antique silver, 75 antique bronze, 75 two-tone and 25 LE black nickel coins. My goal is to sell enough to break even on this project with about 10 coins to trade, 10 to set free, a couple to give away in cointests here and 20 to keep for ourselves.


More details to follow soon!!

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Coins will be $8.50 apiece with $1.50 shipping ($.50 additional for extra coins). I will be selling 10 complete sets of 4 for $34 delivered. I will not be selling the other 15 black nickels.


I haven't really chosen which metals to trade.


Once I get home, I will get the photos up and post the info on purchasing.

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Lets see,


There are green alligators

no long necked geese

some humpty backed camels

and some chimpanzes (or are they gorillas?)


No cats, no rats

some elephants,

but as sure as I'm born

you seem to be missing the Unicorn


I'd better go to bed soon.


Otherwise,a cute coin. The icon looks great too.

I remember THAT song! Otherwise,a cute coin. The icon looks great too.

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OK, here are some pictures. I apologize for the poor quality (especially the 2-tone), but I think the coins look great!!










Anyone who is interested in purchasing coins, please email the following info to me at steve@kirsches.com. I will send out PayPal invoices in the next 24-48 hours. The coins are $8.50 apiece and are available in antique bronze, antique silver and 2-tone. Shipping is $1.50 per coin and $.50 for each additional coin. There are only 75 of each metal (and only 25 of the LE black nickel).


There are 10 sets available which include one of each of these 3 and the LE black nickel coin. Each set is $34 delivered.


1. Full Name

2. UserID

3. E-Mail Address

4. Paypal Address

5. Requested Metals and Quantity (or a set of four)


All of the coins are in hand, so they should ship out immediately! Please let me know if you have any questions.

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I have invoiced the coins and mailed out all of the ones that have been paid for. There are singles still available.


I'll be trying some of the photographic tips from the "How to Photograph a Geocoin" thread. I hope to have some better photos to upload tonight!

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I agree the pictures don't do these coins justice! They are beautiful! They will be up there with some of my other favorite coins. I got 1 of each metal so I would be able to trade. I don't know that I can do that. The different metals really make each one unique. :angry: Sorry, for rambling. In case you can't tell, I LOVE them!

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