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Garmin IQUE 3600 combo GPS and PDA for sale

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I am selling my Garmin IQUE 3600 palm PDA (with built in GPS). It is going with all accessories.


1) City Select DVD maps (unlock activated - and I will give you the code) and the DVD and the original yellow certificate (no spare code, but original works fine)

2) software installed:


g) WAYQUE h) MIMEE i) CETUS GPS j) BEJEWELED2 k) BUSKER and lots more


3) All power cables, and USB cable, and and external battery pack, custom case (the best one that fits exactly, custom stylus (with built in pen)

4) Glisson "like" external magnetic antenna

5) 1 gigabyte SD memory card.

6) Garmin car mount and auto navigation kit

7) Internal Battery is the enhanced DOUBLE POWER battery that allows the charge to last twice as long.


I am looking for a fair price for it, but I will beat the average EBAY price for this item. Else I will try to sell it on EBAY (listed on Amazon for $299 right now). I am thinking somewhere around $200 depending on offers I get.

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Looks like the SD card is now only a 128 MB card instead of what I listed originally. But still works great!! And the cover case is a Krusell custom case!!! (these are the folks that know how to make cases).


This PDA can play movies and music. Can put the IPOD to shame.

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Is this still for sale?


I'm interested.


I can not seem to send you a PM, but here is the offer.


I will take $210 grand total for it all for it and I will ship it second day priority USPS mail. So if you are interested you can paypal me the money.


my paypal address is ktjensen@gmail.com


I have it listed on Amazon for $250, so effectively if you paypal me the money first you get it. My Groundspeak buddies get a $40 discount. All the accessories above are included. The only thing that has changed is that you get a smaller memory card (only 128M). Otherwise everything is as mentioned here in this discussion so far.

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