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I have been looking at ham radios and have know idea were to start. I have looked at hamcity.com and some other website. I have no idea what the price range is, do i need a licence and what equipment do i need. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Yes, you need to be licenced. Getting your Tech ticket is a piece of cake if you can pass the fourth grade. You can get the ARRL book at amazon.com.


Go to www.arrl.org and www.hello-radio.org.


You can get a Handy Talkie for as little as about $120 or as much as about $350. Mobiles go for $150 to $1000+. It just depends on what you want to do and spend.


www.universal-radio.com has a good site to look at equipment but you can probably find better prices.

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A few website I look at are:







I think a good starter radio is a handheld dual band, which covers 144-148 MHz and 420-450 MHz. I just bought a really good handheld FT-60 by Yaesu which really impresses me, and it was only $200.


A really good website to check out before you buy any equipment is www.eham.net. You can get a review from almost any piece of HAM equipment. Let us know if you have any more questions!!




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If you get a HT for your first radio, be sure you also get at least a magnet mount antenna to use while you're in your car. Using the HT with the rubber duck antenna from inside your car will leave you very disappointed and most likely a lot of people you're trying to talk with aggravated from trying to hear you. Do everyone a favor and make the small investment of an outside antenna of some sort for use in your car along with an adapter for your HT.



Ken KE6N

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