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Bad Mojo v2 (2007 edition) Pre-Order


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The Bad Mojo v2 (2007 edition) is now available for pre-order. This coin is trackable, has its own icon and travels well due to the warning on the back "Move within 14 days or Bad Mojo, Bad Luck and Bad Karma will follow you. Original buyers exempt".


Bad Mojo v2 Pre-Order




Bad Mojo v2 Pre-Order




Bad Mojo v2 Pre-Order




Bad Mojo v2 Pre-Order






The Original Bad Mojo v1 (2006)

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Got one, but it won't travel. I'll add it to my collection and take my chances with the MOJO. I hardly buy coins anymore but this one was cool enough.


No need to take your chances BA , Keep in mind the coin states "Original buyers Exempt" :blink:

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Just placed my order. My v.1 is traveling and people enjoy finding it in caches and moving it on quickly! Will be keeping one of these in my collection and sending one out to spread the fun!


Very happy to see that some of these will be traveling. I will release 10 myself.

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Regarding the new Bad Mojo coin.


Two LLE versions will be also be available in May. A very low quantity will be made. I will send an email in May to those that have pre-ordered the other versions.


I have had mixed opinions on the black color-filled versions, I welcome any opinions here.


Bad Mojo v2 Pre-order



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From the pics, the black on gold doesn't do much for me, but the black on silver is interesting. It is much the negative of the coin in the middle - sort of mojo and anti-mojo. The BN version is still my overall favorite of the bunch.


Agree with tokencollector. The black on silver catches my eye very quickly.

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