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Muggled by a drug-crazed squirrel

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I place the micro a couple of days ago, and it went missing the first day the cache went live! I got a call from Sensei, out caching with Well Hard and the Whippets. Or rather, I didn't get the call, because our mobile doesn't work when we're at home, we get zero signal. But a DNF had already been reported on that micro, so ladysolly and I walked down to have a quick butchers (and I carried an emergency spare, just in case).


When we got there, we unexpectedly found four cachers (as per above). After greets, they told us they'd been unable to find this micro, so I asked them to step away up the path so I could check on it without them seeing where I checked.


Sure enough, the micro was missing.


I searched the area some more, and I found the remains of the micro, with the obvious signs of having been gnawed by rodent teeth; squirrels, I'd guess, but maybe rats. So I left the emergency micro for the team to find, and they continued on (I expect they'll tell the full story of what happened next, which is hilarious).


Afterwards, at the pub, Lester asked me if I'd camoed the micro with Magic Marker, and I had.


You know when you take off the top of a Magic Marker, you get that, um, ... interesting ... smell? Well, I reckon that a squirrel, addicted to Magic Marker sniffing, had muggled the container to get its fix.


So - a warning to other cache setters, wanting to avoid amimal-muggling. As well as "Don't put food in the container", I'd add "Don't use Magic Markers".

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I think it was obvious after I failed to find the micro, that the info had walked. I clearly found the container (empty) as per my first (deleted) log. I see now why the log was deleted lol :) as the container was unusual to say the least.

Anyway I am not upset I didn't get FTF, I quickly assured myself that the squirels were not after me and that I did everything I could possibly do to beat the squirel. I am gonna ******* kill and beat the next squirrel that does this to me.


It was a great walk at night and the small hours. Would recomend it and the pub looked nice, I wasn't sidetracked by that at the time.

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I had a problem with a squirrel (I suspect) hoiking the micro out of it's hiding place on one of my multi-cache intermediate stages. After two or three replacements, I figured that he (she?) thought it was a 'good game' and was looking forward to my next effort. I bought an 'animal repellent' aerosol from a local pet shop, sprayed it liberally around the hidey-hole and the cache has been un-molested ever since (over three years now)

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