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Geocaching Organizations in Canada

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I would like to introduce to you S.A.G.A. Home of the World`s Biggest Nickel. Sudbury Area Geocachers Association newest forum can be found at this link.




Please bear with us as this forum is only 2 days old and is still under construction, slowly I might add as I am not a computer wizard, but trying my best to develop a fun and informative forum. Please feel free to sign up and suggest helpful pointers to improve our forum. Any help I can get would be fantastic. Keep an eye out for S.A.G.A.`s debut event coming soon.


So we now have a Registered Association (OGA), an established organized group (NOG), and now a non-registered association group.


Might be a bit much, no?

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We've just started up the Northern Ontario Geocachers.


The main geographical area covered extends from about Parry Sound North, including Sudbury, Sault Ste Marie, Timmins, Hurst, Wawa.


I didn't want to have to quote myself, but I couldn't figure out how to edit this post to update the address. The Northern Ontario Geocachers site and forum was moved to it's own domain a year or more ago. The corrected address is http://NorthernOntarioGeocachers.com, with the forum found at http://forum.NorthernOntarioGeocachers.com.

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Just an update as of January 2013 , that the website Geocachers of Eastern Ontario will be discontinued. Low traffic and cost have are the issue.

The group known as GEO (Geocachers of Eastern Ontario) still exists and we invite interested cachers to join our Facebook Group. Geocachers of Eastern Ontario

We have decided that the Facebook group is a more effective and fun way to communicate about our shared passion and it is "Free!!!"

It adds the ability to quickly communicate events and other interesting news, photos and videos!! :rolleyes:

Hope you wwill check it out and join in the fun.


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SEARCH. S.E.Alberta Region Cache Hunters. Newly formed, we are a Non-profit club based in Medicine Hat, AB. We have members in Medicine Hat, Redcliff, Suffield/Ralston, and other South-Eastern AB.


Website is soon to come. As well as various events throughout the year, we are hosting the SAW4(Southern Alberta Weekend) August 16-18, with 5 events in 3 days last year. We welcome ALL cachers. Our personal finds range from 200-2000, and more. Our area is host to over 1000 geocaches. Caches range from amazingly camo'd to some bigger than large, to 4 powertrails. One of which is mysteries with some "geoart" in the shape of a TeePee(Medicine Hat is home to the Sammis TeePee-over 20 stories tall)


All cachers are welcome, and we will be happy to help as much as we can.

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We have started a new group in Ontario Haldimand-Norfolk Area Geocachers (HNAG)

open to everyone who geocaches in and around Haldimand Norfolk Ontario




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Looking for a club close to Cambridge Ontario Canada.. Can anyone help?


I think the SouthWestern Ontario Geocachers (SWOG) group is still active. They have a facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/South-Western-Ontario-Geocachers/

And then there's the Golden Horseshoe Monthly Geocaching Club ( GHMGC ) https://www.facebook.com/groups/122400489709/

But I don't think there's one specifically for Cambridge.

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This is a summary of the association from the previous thread, there will be no further updates or edits to this post, the associations and local groups are encouraged to add a post with details concerning their associations.




British Columbia Geocaching Association

Manitoba Geocaching Association

Maritime Geocaching Association

Alantic Canada Geocaching Association

Ontario Geocaching Association

Géocaching Québec


Local Groups


Geocaching Edmonton


Vancouver Island GPS

Mid-Island Geocachers

'Wack Area Geocaching - Fraser Valley between Abbotsford and Hope

Kootenay Geocachers


Central Ontario Geocachers

Canada's Capital Cachers


Amicale des Géocacheurs de la Grande Région de Québec

Géochercheurs du Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean

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Lakeland Geocachers is a group of geocachers in the Cold Lake Alberta area. The Lakeland to us covers everything in NE Alberta! We are located at the NE end of the Iron Horse Power Trail and have a growing collection of geo-art in the region. When requested, we are happy to put on geocaching 101 demonstrations for any age group.

You can find out more information about what we are up to on our Facebook page: Lakeland Geocachers


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New web site



Should have read www.LandAgeocaching.com

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