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Some things we wait to receive or find for what seems like an eternity. Then when it IS received or found, we're just not certain how to respond.... :laughing: This was the case.


Joebids and I have been together now for almost two years - geocaching was his passion long before he met me, but between the two of us really hit the trails. In just over a year of caching I am now close to 800 caches found - just a little bragging here! :laughing:


The BEST cache I was on the hunt for came this past Saturday. I've been in the midst of trying to get my house ready for sale and work has been hectic. Joebids came over late Saturday afternoon after I had worked and gave me my birthday card - a few days late - but it was sweet. He then handed me my GPS and said I had to find my present. He was sorry that it wasn't much, but knew I was trying to purge and de-clutter, but wanted to get me something. :laughing: The hunt was on!! Unfortunately the GPS gods were against me and I wasn't going where I was suppose to be headed. After some tweeking by Joebids, I headed in the RIGHT direction.


There in the chapel birdfeeder (oops, forgot to fill it!) tucked in a corner was an engagement ring. I saw it sparkling in the sunlight, but didn't know what to say or how to react. I picked it up and just stared at it! Poor Joebids had to ask me if I would marry him - of course I said YES - but my reaction just wasn't what he had anticipated. The SHOCK was so overwhelming for me. This had been something I had wanted for some time, but when it was right. I just wasn't ready for it to happen. Maybe that is a good thing - the element of surprise - that's for sure!!

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