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Cornerstone4-Cachers4Christ Coin


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After getting sidetracked a few times, I finally got around to making my own trackable coin! I just got the die artwork today, so I wanted to share it. :laughing: I am getting a few samples of different finishes in, so I haven't made up my mind completely, but there will be a gold version for sure!


I hope you like it as much as I do!



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Very Cool Coin!!! It epitomizes what Team Zeteo is all about. Zeteo BTW is the Greek word used in the gospel of Matthew for "seek". I sign all logs big enough with the sticker I'm using as an avatar. I'll be looking for an opportunity to get one of those coins. Let me know if/when they are available. (or am I too late?)


Great job! Thanks!

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Hey Now that you have one thats trackable.

Is that trade still on?


Or did you forget about me?


Nope, I didn't forget about you...or anyone else that has made a request! ;)


I got the samples in last week, and needed to make a minor color adjustment. Other than that, they were fantastic!


I won't have anything i-hand until after GW-V, so all you traders go have fun and we'll talk when you get back!

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This took way longer than I had anticipated...but I finally got back on-track.


I have my samples in hand, and I am now taking reservations/ pre-orders. (I won't take payments until I have the coin in-hand.)


There will be a custom icon, (Still working on it.) and three finishes. I decided not to make any finishes in limited runs. I'd like to see everyone get their preferred finish...if only a few of you want a certain finish...well, then that will be a limited finish by default, not by design.


The 3 availabe finishes are Gold, Nickel, and Copper.


This is the first in a series, and all coins will have a C4 prefix.


The finishes are incredibly shiny, and I had one heck of a time getting a good shot without any reflections! Even using a shadowbox, I still ended up with the lens reflected on a couple of coins.


These are a bit heavy, and are 2" in diameter.


Pricing is $10 each coin. Shipping will be $2.00 for the first coin, and $0.50 per coin after that.





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