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Help buying a dozen GPS receivers


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I've been asked for advice as to which Garmin (must be Garmin) GPS receiver might be a good choice for a tourist group to buy. The members of this group who are relative technology novices, will be shown how to upload a route with waypoints to their GPS, then jump in their car and follow the voice guided directions.


I know, I know... sounds like a plan for disaster [g] however, they're determined and the person leading the effort has a way of getting such things done.


So I guess the main requirement for this automotive unit is that the unit have voice guidance, be able to receive routs & waypoints from a PC, and be reasonably priced. Extra bells & whistles beyond these basic features not needed at all.


I have a 60csx, iQue 3600 and GPS 196 aviation unit, but there's a whole bunch of newer units on the market that I really don't know much about.


Any thoughts/suggestions much appreciated.

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Since you said that Speaking is a must then all handhelds are out.


That being said, the Quest, Quest 2, the C 330, and I think the i series all speak.


I saw that Best Buy has c330s for $299, since you are buying 15 of them, they might cut you a deal.


edited to add: excuse me, a dozen.

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Why don't you look at the C320 or C330 and load the waypoints as points of interest. That will give you turn by turn voice direction as well as the mapping software at a good price. Just a thought


I had lost track of this thread and did not see these responses-- thanks for the input. I tried Garmin's POI Loader tool when it first came out, but wasn't all that impressed. Apparently they've improved things with newer versions?


If I recall correctly, you can choose not to install POI data when setting up a new unit w/ Mapsource, but as these units come preloaded, I assume the POI info is already loaded. Any way to remove all existing POIs so you end up with only your own custom info?


Perhaps your or someone with the C330 can answer a couple of follow-up questions. From Garmin's description:


What's in the Box:

Preloaded City Navigator® NT for North America or Europe (full coverage)

Vehicle suction cup mount with integrated power cable*


Can I assume that comes w/ Navigator Preloaded, in addition to the CD/DVD that one can use to create POIs, waypoints & routes on their PC then upload to the C330?


This "integrated power cable" consists of a car cig lighter adapter?

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