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Garmin 60Csx UK v US base maps

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I'm thinking about buying a Garmin 60Csx.

I understand that the base maps are "hardwired into the units". There appears to be 2 regional types, USA and Europe.

I am based in the UK but I would like to use the unit in the USA as well.

Does anyone know of any possible problems when using a USA base map model in the UK (they are cheaper in the US than in the UK) or using a UK base map version in the US.

Would the level of detail or functionality be compromised with one regional unit being used in the "wrong" region?

If I can load topo maps into the unit on the memory card, what does the base map do anyway?

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There are no problems with using a USA model in the UK or a UK model in the USA. Functionality and accuracy are the same. It hardly matters whether you have a USA or European base map in the unit: the base map is really, well, basic. So you'll want to buy more detailed areas of the regions where you'll be using the unit, whether you already have a base map for them or not.


So get the USA model: you'll have more money left for buying the extra maps.

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On a cautionary note, before rushing to save a few quid by getting a US-basemap unit, think carefully about the warranty being offered by the seller. 'Gold standard' would be to find a dealer that offers a full satisfaction money back guarantee. I'm not sure if you'll be able to get that kind of warranty with a US-basemap unit sold in the UK. Also check carefully that you're getting what you think you're getting, ie make sure the unit isn't a 'graded return'.


On a very positive note, you'll find that if you get TOPO GB, the roads are auto-routable (US TOPO maps are not, as I recall). Hence you only need to buy one software package to have TOPO and sat nav!. I have to admit I haven't tried the bespoke autorouting software (City Select, I think), so I don't know if it offers different features that are worth having.

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I bought my 60Csx in USA.

It has the US basemap.

No real problem as long as you buy the CityNavigator Europe software or get the MetroGuide Europe Software.

Topo is not really suitable for road navigation due to all the contour lines!


Three screenshots of my unit:-

CityNavigator v9

GB Topo

US Basemap





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