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GPS Spray

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I've seen some on eBay, but it was being offered from a US seller, and there's some weird 'HM Customs & Excise' rules about it so I didn't bother.


You can use hairspray inside the cache, it works just as well, as long as it's the strong, firm-hold kind, it fragments the signal so it's easier to pick up apparently. Makes everytthing a bit sticky though, so I wouldn't recommend it. :P


Off-topic I know, but has anyone ever played Mornington Crescent by the way? I love it, it's great game!

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I have emailed them to ask about bulk deliveries for events, and by word they can do this


No problem - you might be interested in our new tanker delivery system - we can deploy 1000 litres of GPS Spray in a fine cloud over a large gathering, giving enhanced reception to all.


We're still testing it though. It does work, but when it goes wrong, it goes very, very wrong indeed.


how cool is that :P:laughing::laughing:

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We were recommended this fantastic product by a caching friend and we really wouldn't be without it now. I have found some other great uses for it to. Spray it on your car windows and it will prolong the life of your windscreen wipers because the spray repels the rain.



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It should be noted that there have been recent concerns over the main ingredient of this product: look here


C has had experience and training and bought highly sophisticated equipment to safely be around dihydrogen monoxide. H has not had any direct contact at work... a different site deals with all the hazidous chemicals :P


PS Tottenham Court Road

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