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The All New All New Groundspeak UK Pub Quiz

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I like hiho9's guess much better than my own, 'cos I love elephants, but ....

My own guess is that it's an English folly and therefore it's likely that it was built, or at least paid for, by an Englishman who liked his horse's arse more than his wife's.


i couldn't think of a sensible answer though :D

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It looks like farley Mount - in which case it was a horse called beware chalk pit.

(I used to live 3 miles away in Hursley....)

Ding Dong! Beware Chalk Pit it was. From Geograph, "The monument at Farley Mount: This pyramidal obelisk was erected to the memory of a racehorse called "Beware Chalk Pit" which won the Hunters Plate at Worthy Down races in October 1734. The plaque at the monument say that 'Underneath lies buried a horse the property of Paulet St John esq. that in the month of September 1733 leaped into a chalk pit twentyfive feet deep a foxhunting with his master on his back'. The story is that his master was so grateful that his surefooted horse prevented his early death that he had this monument built. Probing during the recent restoration revealed no evidence of a horse's remains under the mound. It is possible that the mound is a bronze-age bowl barrow, but no archaeological work has been carried out to confirm this."


Over to you keehotee :rolleyes:

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I have a feeling it is called the Sway tower or something like that, remeber driving past it a few times when I had to deliver press cars to a journo down near Milford on Sea and after I had seen it I did some investigation on the net to see what it was. The picture rung a bell but I do knowe that there is two towers near to Sway and not exacrly sure which one this is.

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By mentioning that there is a cache at the location, is that (or is that not) allowing use of GC.com to locate the answer, (as we all know that a general search using a search engine is not allowed)? :)

Does GC.com not use its own search engine on the database then? Not that that's stopped people in the past....... :):blink:

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OK, my questions have been a bit easy, and this one probably is too, but lets change to a geography question...


I'm currently living in the Las Vegas Valley, which has an average elevation of around 2,500 feet.


Around an hours drive and I can be Caching up at around 9,000 ft in the neaby mountains.


Now the question... If I increase my driving radius to a little over 2 hours, how low could I be Caching?



I should now go out and get some quick caches, as my postings has just equalled my finds!! Doh!!

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