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The All New All New Groundspeak UK Pub Quiz

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What's the Met Office definition of a UK White Christmas?

Given that this is quite a strict definition which is also used by the bookies (and there's lots of scope for frustration for anyone who gets some but not all of it), I'll be clear that the ding goes to the first person who can say:

  • HOW MUCH snow must be observed,
  • WHERE (geographical area), 
  • in WHAT STATE (condition) and
  • WHEN.
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Oooh, Well done Marty for getting some of it right - but not all of it yet for the ding.

If it helps anyone (others and you, if you decide to have another guess at some point), we can play it like that old Mastermind board game (nothing to do with the TV quiz show). You've got TWO of the FOUR correct. 

Apologies if I didn't make the 3rd bit clear enough. You've actually had a brilliant stab at that even so... and precisely worked out the sort of thing I was getting at - although I won't give it away if that was one of the right or wrong answers in the end. 


It may clarify things if I re-state that the definition includes what condition or state the snow itself must be in.

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12 hours ago, MartyBartfast said:

A single snowflake.

On the roof of the London Met Office

Don't understand the question,  it must "settle".

On Christmas day (midnight to midnight)


If its any consolation, those are the answers we thought -now  we have googled it we are a bit wiser. 

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On 12/7/2019 at 7:41 PM, MartyBartfast said:

A single snowflake.

On Christmas day (midnight to midnight)


To help get things moving with this one, I'll mention that the two correct parts are now shown above... just the other two to think of, now

  • WHERE (geographical area), (we now know it's not in London)
  • in WHAT STATE (condition) (we now know it's not 'settled')

Why not have a guess? ;) 

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45 minutes ago, Boggin's Dad said:


I left the cake out in the rain


A big DING to you

"And it took so long to bake it" too.

Stand by, I'll see if I can come up with a good one (question) over dinner, sorry, tea/supper tonight.

I thinks it's about time I reloaded that one into my 73 Rock-Ola jukebox.

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