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The All New All New Groundspeak UK Pub Quiz

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2 hours ago, mellers said:

I know there's no Googling, but how many goes am I allowed on each question? Do I have to wait until someone else has had a go before I chip in again (if more than one try is allowed)?

As many goes as you like, not sure whether it's etiquette to jump straight in with another guess before someone else has had a go, but I wouldn't complain.



However it's moot at this point 'cos speakers-corner beat you to it:

1 hour ago, speakers-corner said:

ganimede, or something like that. It is one of Jupiters moons.


that's a Dyng for Ganymede.


While checking where Titan came in the rankings I was a little surprised to find that our very own Moon (does it have another name?) is 4th largest!


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6 hours ago, speakers-corner said:

:D Which means you might have known the "Poison Dwarf" ( I have forgotten his real Name), Richard Astbury, Dave Lee Travis Tommy Vance to mention a few.



Some long forgotten names there and no we don't know the Poison Dwarfs real name either -and we won't use that as the next question :lol:


Staying with names, what is the name - we'll accept forename or surname - of the cgi meerkat whose catchphrase is "simples"?

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7 hours ago, MartyBartfast said:

In about 240BC  a man performed an experiment involving a stick in  Alexandria and a well in Syene (both in Egypt), who was that man and what was the purpose of the experiment?

I know the answer, but I will let someone else claim it, however he used a tower in Alexandria and not a stick.

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2 hours ago, tyzack4 said:

however he used a tower in Alexandria and not a stick.

If you read various sources on the subject you will find it described variously as a stick, pole, rod, gnomon (part of a sundial) and a tower; I went with the one I "was brough up on" but unless we have a reference from someone who was there then I guess it's all speculation.

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Thanks. Never read any of the books but have solved a huge number of geocaching puzzles based on them.

Thinking of geocaching puzzles, I'll go to the theme of one I'm currently working on. What was the name of the first 'Carry On' film?
(Don't worry, that answer won't help me solve the puzzle!)

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