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It certainly is an interesting place both from the obvious theme but also from the historical view of how people were prepared to work / live at that time. We haven't been for a few years so I suppose it's time for another visit to see what's new.

And for the next question ....

There is a bird on the Kellogg's cornflakes packet.

Why and what is the bird's name?

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I'd guess a cockerel .. crowing at breakfast time ? (Not my breakfast time though , I'm an owl not a lark)


Edit - sorry, I don't know the bird's name so haven't really answered the question. If I'm right about its meaning , and it was near my house and crowing at dawn  it would be called something quite unrepeatable !

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an error of omission
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Sorry for the delay in replying. I've been getting various "wrong password" messages this weekend when I have tried to sign in but I know I have typed in correctly.

The answers were ....

The bird on the packet is a cockerel or rooster. Apparently, WK Kellogg was looking for some ideas and his friend Nansi Richards, a famous Welsh harpist, suggested that Kellogg sounded like "ceiliog" in Welsh. The "c" is pronounced as "k" and ceiliog means cockerel or rooster.  The cockerel also suggests the early start to the day and it was later given the name of Cornelius or Corny.

So, I'm going to give the ding to hal-an-tow who was first to post with an early cockerel .

Congrats also to colleda for the correct name.



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That's a "Get down Shep !" ding to the optimistic one :D

BTW I carefully worded the question as saying 'incontinent elephant' would have made an easy google to this obituary with a cracking little video which nostalgically includes scenes of all 3 elements of  my question, and daleks too !

What would Noakes have made of caching ? That's an episode I'd love to  see ...

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On the film it looked like the poor bloke was about half a mile above very hard pavement, and with not so much as a single safety rope, even as he went up the backward sloping ladder section to the top bit to clean pigeon poo off Horatio ... it's as seared on my memory as the first sighting of those terrifying Daleks ...

I'll guesstimate 30m (100'  in old money )

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I've gone back to a picture (of wife) I took last September. I don't know how to post a picture here so here's a link.


I'm now guessing on the lion being about 2.5m tall. Using the picture above the whole lot seems about 17 times the height of the lion then add, say, another 3m for the angle, gives 45.5m. However I'm not sure where it is supposed to be measured from, street level? plinth? So I'll add another 2m for that. My guesstimate is 47.5m. Now why didn't I have my tape measure with me.


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I have to confess that while preparing my answer above I referred back to a log picture I took for reference when I noticed the height in the cache description, 51.6m. I would have read it at the time we found the cache (a nidely hidden one BTW) but my memory is not wat it was.

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Ding! The height of 51.6m (169ft) is actually 4.4m (14ft) less than originally thought, but it was re-surveyed in 2006 during renovation.

Incidentally, in case there's allegations of cheating, colleda messaged me to say they'd found the height on the website. My view was that as they hadn't gone actively searching for the information, it was ok to post. After all, it's only for fun!

So, over to colleda...

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22 hours ago, Optimist on the run said:

Mods v rockers in 1960something?

Close enough Optimist. It was 1964 when the mods and rockers clashed at Hastings. I think the rockers came off second best. The press was having a field day with the rumbles that went here and at Clacton. It was the newspapers that called it the Second Battle of Hastings. The establishment were so aghast at these clashes that they instituted new "hooligan" laws.

Oh yes, that's a ding.

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Im tempted to ask, "Do you 'ave a rheum ?" , but that's not really a pub quiz question is it !

So, keeping with the theme of silly films I love, here's a quote:

" All right... all right... but apart from better sanitation and medicine and education and irrigation and public health and roads and a freshwater system and baths and public order... what have the Romans done for us? "

My question is, what did the Romans do for cachers ?

The answer is NOT in Reg's list I quoted, and it's as good as their bright idea of taxes.

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IV ! :D

Wow, that gets the prize for the wittiest reply I've ever seen on here :back:

It's not actually  the answer I'm looking for (despite me wondering if I can get away with claiming it is so it looks like it was me that thought up that excellent joke ) but if no-one guesses the actual answer soon the baton will be passed to the optimist ....

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The answer is stinging nettles

The story goes that our islands native nettles were sting free varieties, but the Romans bought seeds of stinging species with them to use as a bracing warm up in our climate, thrashing themeslves with bunches of nettle stalks. I'm not sure I entirely believe that (as stingers are more common around ruined old habitations due to the , ahem, residues left in the soil, it could just be a folk tale conflating ruins and Romans) but then it has been on QI,  so it must be true .

If only the invaders had borrowed some nice celtic trousers instead of wearing sandals & skirts, our summer caching would have been less painful.

Over to OOTR who gets the amused ding :back:



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