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The All New All New Groundspeak UK Pub Quiz

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I seam to remember hearing this term when my son had his appendix out.

so my guess will be the appendix location


A cuttingly good answer from martin&lindabryn. Two thirds of the way down a line between the umbilicus and the superior iliac spine (and I don't think I have trotted that description out since about 1965!)

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Quiet on this one...


Would you like a clue?


Hmm, looks like you've hit a topic which is not a specialist mastermind subject for the usual suspects on the thread !

I dunno, the final 'z' on the earlier name suggests something quite recent, so I'm afraid I can't even make a semi intelligent guess.

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Well, I did not expect that stab in the dark to successful!


You have the choice of two questions, I will accept a correct answer for either:


Sticking with the music theme:


Where was I this weekend? And hence the late posting of this question.




Which former member of the excellent Fairport Convention died earlier this year in June?

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Sorry for the delay in getting back to the forum. Been out all day.


My question is;


Just a minute or so after midnight, night of December 31st 1984/January 1st 1985, while in Parliament Square, London, what did Michael Harrison do? It was a 'first' for the UK.


Phoned someone to wish them Happy New Year? with a mobile phone?

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That's good enough for me, Marty. He called his father in the first mobile phone call made on a UK network. So that's a *DING* and it's over to you........


I was given my first mobile a couple of years later to be on call for a bank over New Year, and that's the first thing I did with it :lol:


Anyway, next question:


Why was Maria de Cezar in the news in the last few days?

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Thanks for the ding.


Thinking ahead to the paralympics...


Channel 4's 'Last Leg' first started as a late night show when the 2012 paralympics were on.


The theme music is a version of Public Enemy's 'Harder than you think'.


Which song does the sample featured heavily in Public Enemy's come from and who is the vocalist?


If you're not familiar with the track, then by all means have a listen to it at

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FWIW, the OP (Simply Paul) implied that the question setter can permit Googling should a question drag:


In a post of 25th February 2012, the OP wrote:


Questions should be Pub-Quiz level and Internet searches aren't allowed to find the answer... unless things drag-on and the Questioner ok's Googling (or similar).


So you can authorise Googling for a question that drags and hence keep the thread moving.



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