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That could be said of the Chinese language. Just a thought.

Anyway have a nice evening. Im off to bed.

@speakers-corner: FWIW, that's why I wrote "Mandarin" rather than "Chinese". AFAICT, Mandarin is a common, Imperial language with several dialects rather than a set of languages. Whereas both Chinese and Arabic are language sets (quick Google after the fact shows that Chinese is a macrolanguage comprising over a dozen distinct, individual languages (Mandarin, Cantonese, etc.) and Arabic is a macrolanguage comprising about a dozen and a half distinct, individual languages). So both are like "Scandinavian" -- and we consider Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish to be separate languages even though, like Chinese and Arabic, they have many similarities and share the same root.


That said, I'm in this thread to learn and the question setter is always right. You have the ding, and I look forward to your next question!

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Many thanks.


HMS Queen Elizabeth has pennant number R08 and HMS Prince of Wales has pennant number R09. For the ding, what were the previous UK warships to carry those pennant numbers?


If there is a 'clue' in the fact that the current holders are/will be Aircraft carriers, I'll go for Ark Royal and Illustrious

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Some clues:


1. You are correct that "R" denotes an aircraft carrier.

2. The Invincible class were HMS Invincible (R05), HMS Illustrious (R06) and HMS Ark Royal (R07).

3. The previous R08 was Centaur class and the previous R09 was Audacious class. Both were in commission when the first of the Invincible class was laid down but decommissioned before the last of the Invincible class was commissioned.

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Some clues:

3. The previous R08 was Centaur class and the previous R09 was Audacious class. Both were in commission when the first of the Invincible class was laid down but decommissioned before the last of the Invincible class was commissioned.


With this in mind (and help from friends in the Navy) it can only be HMS Bulwark and HMS Ark Royal.

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Technically, the naval bases are HMNB Portsmouth, HMNB Devonport, HMNB Rosyth and the Clyde Submarine Base. Three of those have associated accommodation shore establishments. HMNB Portsmouth has HMS Nelson; HMNB Devonport has HMS Drake and the Clyde Submarine Base has HMS Neptune. HMNB Rosyth used to have HMS Cochrane until that was decommissioned.

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Thanks for the ding!


On checking after the fact, I note that Rosyth no longer has the HMNB tag and that the official name of the Clyde Submarine Base is HMNB Clyde.


Keeping with Royal Navy bases, HMS Rooke used to provide the accommodation for which overseas naval base?

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When you see a car on the roads that's from another country, it's supposed to have a white oval shaped badge with a specific letter/two/three letters on it.


My question is: - if you saw a car with a badge showing the letters 'KN', which country would it be from?


This tweaked my interest so I googled it and was gobsmacked. :lol: :lol: Mind as the footnote (head note) on Wikipedia said :


"Note: an asterisk (*) indicates that this code is unofficial (does not appear in the UN list of distinguishing codes)."

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I'm trying for the Actic: I don't think it's Scandinavia -- Norway (N), Sweden (S), Denmark (DK) or Finland (FN?). I don't think it's Canada (CA?) or USA (USA?). It's not Iceland (IS) and Greenland isn't a country (it's a Danish territory and so carries "DK"). Similarly, Svalbard isn't a country (it's a Norwegian territory and so carries "N"). That only leaves the northern part of the former USSR. I'm racking my brains, but I can't think of a likely candidate.


So I've pretty much ruled out the Actic. WRT other regions, there are way too many countries that are part of the former USSR, way too many Middle-Eastern countries; way too many African countries and way too many in Asia. The UN recognises 196 countries in all, so I suspect that you'll need to narrow it down a little more.


Can you at least tell us which continent, or which latitude region (Arctic, Temperate, Sub-tropical, Tropical or Equitorial)?


In the meantime, I've just looked at a World map and I'm having another guess at Nicaragua?

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It's the Arctic.


You're all but there in your post above.

:unsure: So I suspect it must be one of the ones I'm not sure about. Finland is Suomi in Finnish IIRC (but it's been a while since I last spoke with a Finn), which leaves Canada; which is "Canada" in both French and English. Perhaps Canada is spelled with "K" in some Inuit dialect, so that's what I try next.

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