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I suspect that Marty is correct. The Victoria Falls were entirely in Rhodesia, which was subdivided into Southern Rhodesia and Northern Rhodesia, split by the Zambezi. That is, present day Zimbabwe was Southern Rhodesia and Zambia was Northern Rhodesia. (But Marty deserves the ding IMO).

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balloon :unsure:


ETA: by which I mean a rubberised flexible balloon which grows significantly as you pump gas into it, as opposed to the "pig's" bladder type which probably existed for thousands of years and was oft employed by morris men and footy players of old.

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FWIW, I asked a work colleague about this. He confirmed Elephant Island but not South Georgia. That said, he related how Shackleton had mistreated the expedition shipwright, Harry McNish, after McNish had questioned some of Shackleton's dodgier decisions, including dragging the lifeboats across the ice earlier. In the end, those who survived owed their lives to the skill and efforts of McNish -- yet he was excluded from those awarded a Medal even though he was probably the real hero of the expedition. If it were not for him, the modifications he made to the boats and equipment, and his continued repair efforts, the entire expedition would surely have perished.

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Thank you for the ding - the expedition story was covered in a TV documentary whose name we are unable to remember but it is the sort of thing we like!


Staying with Antarctica for the next question, the Shackleton led expedition was attempting to be the first to cross the continent via the South pole - who led the expedition that eventually succeeded?

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