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Thanks for the **ding**


So... another two parter...


a.. Who invented the giant Laser that Dr Evil planned to use to destroy New York City?

b.. On which very famous 1973 album was this "inventor" the sound engineer?


OK, no guesses so far (can't be too difficult??)



Dr Evil = Austin Powers' nemesis

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A lucky guess. Thanks for the ding.

Who sang the vocals for 'have a cigar' from album wish you were here- and why?


My specialist subject (yay!)

The vocal was a gentleman called Roy Harper. The lyrics refer to the early days of the band's history, and their first taste of success. My favourite bit... "The band is just fantastic, that is really what we think. Oh and by the way, which one's Pink?". Classic Roger Waters cynicism.

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Question wasn't clear so that's the ding. I had meant why was Harper singing. Legend States the band were unhappy with all their attempts at the vocals so asked the iconic folk singer.



That's right... also Harper was cheap and available (they were all at Abbey Road Studios). Thanks for the ding.


OK So, still with Pink Floyd...


On Meddle, "One Of These Days" is basically instrumental, with one line of lyrics, "One of these days, I'm gonna cut you into little pieces" (nice!). This is the only track where this person sings the lyric alone.

Q. Who sings these words?

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