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The All New All New Groundspeak UK Pub Quiz

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Stab in the dark...


I know that divers put gnomes in wast water, which the police then recover once in a while (why bother?) (why did 'police' disappear from my original post?)

Could they also put all those other things down there?

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Not totally sure about this one...


Isn't there a tuba and a gnome on the cover of the Beatles album - Sgt. Pepper (along with loads of other stuff)?


Don't remember a velvet snake or snow white though! :unsure:




Wait to see but I think you might be right Jackie cos I'm pretty certain SnowWhite is on the cover. I can't remember the velvet snake either.

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The velvet snake is bottom left, by Sonny Liston's feet. JackieC is correct! Leo Gorcey, an actor, was in the original shot but was painted out when he asked for a fee. Ghandi also appeared, just above Diana Dors, but EMI asked for him to be removed too. Over to you JackieC.

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Well done to Martybartfast and Team Sieni, you're both correct. It was the Trumpton Clock. :unsure:


The opening lines to Trumpton are:

"Here is the clock, the trumpton clock,

Telling the time, steadily, sensibly,

Never too quickly, never to slowly,

Telling the time for Trumpton"


As Martybartfast got there first the "DING" goes to him. :)


Over to you Martybarstfast!

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Up near Western Bank in Sheffield there used to be an old cinema where Professor Krebs investigated respiration in cells.


He discovered a cyclic process that became known as the Krebs cycle.


It is also called the tricarboxilic acid or CITRIC ACID cycle.


I failed my 2nd MB ChB Biochemistry exams (at Sheffield) because I could not for the life of me remember the sequence of enzymes in the cycle and so became a teacher and not a doctor :):):D


Which bode well for humanity :unsure::D:D:D:D:):D:D

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Is it 3?


Checkmate, stalemate and resignation?


That was quick I thought some may have posted some very big numbers first, or just said its infinate.


the anser is 3, Win, Lose and Draw... Checkmate, stalemate and resignation are just ways of getting to it but you could add Timed out and expired to that list, but as I was just looking for 3... ding ding ding.

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