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The All New All New Groundspeak UK Pub Quiz

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A bit slow on the next question though!


The cartoon "Top Cat" (aka "Boss Cat" in the UK), was based on which other TV show?

Oooh, I'm thinking Sgt Bilko....


And you'd be right so




and the actor who played Doberman in Bilko also voiced Benny the Ball (who was based on Doberman) in Top Cat.

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As an American Football coach I'll chuck in this doozy.


I am a part owner of the Green Bay Packers. One of the oldest and most storied franchises in the world. How many world championships have the Green bay Packers won?

Oooh is this a trick question? I'm going to guess that there's no such thing as world championships in American Football so my guess is none.

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No sorry. There are such things as world championships. Team and club. (USA won the nation world championships 50-7 over Canada last year)


The modern superbowl is regarded as a world championship. It might annoy non-americnas but the fact is if the rest of the world put together a team it would still lose to the worst NFL team.

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It's a trick question, but probably unintended and not in the way that you might think. AFAICT, the competition that the Packers etc. enter is either the "World Series" or the "Superbowl". The "World Championship" is an entirely different competition among countries rather than 'cities'. So AFAICT although the Packers might have been (and probably have been) 'world champions' several times over, they have never entered let alone won the World Championship!

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The world series is baseball not Americna Football.


Clubs can have a world championship. Its not a national monopoly. Soccer has one. The only reason there isnt one in american football is because like I said in the previous post, the rest of the world put together would not be able to beat the worst NFL team. So the Superbowl champs are the defacto world champs.


Anyone got an answer?

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The world series is baseball not Americna Football.

For info, although baseball has a World Series, so does NFL (their website is littered with the term). AFAICT, the NFL Word Series is more commonly known as the "Superbowl". The "World Championship" is organised by IFAF rather than NFL and is a competition for national teams. ISTR it was held recently in Austria!

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Where on their website? Ive never heard it reffered to as a world series.


I know all about the IFAF World Championship, I went. Knowing as much as you do about the IFAF World Cup you have either done alot of research on a little known competition to try and make your point which frankly is a bit wierd or you are a big fan of football. If you were a big fan of football youd prob not even replied to the original question as you know the superbowl is the world champs for clubs and the World Cup the world champs for Nations.


p.s. I think Im being trolled.

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FWIW the baseball World Series has nothing to do with it being a global championship, but is to do with the fact that it's original (and perhaps current?) sponsor is a newspaper called "The World", hence The World Series a-la Carling Cup.


Anyway back on topic, I know zilch about American Football but there are several blokes at work who are obsessed and have their favourite teams, so I joined in and picked my team based on who had the fittest the Cheerleaders :ph34r: and ended up with Dallas Cowboys :blink:


I'll guess at 4 for The Packers.

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I thought the same thing but the World newspapaer thing is a myth. I lost count how many time I said that and felt smug!!! Glad noone pointed it out to me!!!


4 is a good guess as it is the amount of super bowl Green Bay has won but unfortunately you get a X this time.

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p.s. I think Im being trolled.

You're not being trolled. FWIW, I'm not an NFL fan but you don't forget something that cost you a round of drinks, which this subject has. Some years ago I was offered as many guesses as I wanted to answer the question, Who won the American Football World Championship of a certain year? I went through every NFL team I could think of ... to no avail; and was astonished to discover that 'Japan' was the correct answer. :(

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That's not trolling, it's British pedantry :laughing: there's always at least one at any given pub quiz. Just be thankful you're not married to one. :ph34r: (A British pendent, that is...)


Mr F is a football fan and he says it's either 3 or 4 times, so as 4 is gone, we're going with 3, please, Dogfort. (he used to play for his college too "Top Catz" and even the Cambridge Lions (now called pythons, apparently)! :laughing: )

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That's not trolling, it's British pedantry


Yeh don't miss it from the regular pub quiz days



Mr F is a football fan and he says it's either 3 or 4 times, so as 4 is gone, we're going with 3, please, Dogfort. (he used to play for his college too "Top Catz" and even the Cambridge Lions (now called pythons, apparently)! :laughing: )


No unfortunately its not 3 either. Yes they are the Pythons now. Pretty crappy. We are in the conference next to them. The offence I run is quite productive. 40 points a game.

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Sticking with the punk theme, what was the name of the Sex Pistol's original bass player?


Glen matlock




Vicious replaced Matlock. Matlock is a talented musician and songwriter and wrote the majority of the Pistol's early songs with some input from John Lydon. He is rumoured to have played session bass on later recorded material along with Steve Jones - Vicious couldn't play well when he joined the band but put a lot of effort into learning the instrument and became proficient over time.

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Paging Keehotee




I missed venus transitting the sun last week. How long do I now have to wait before I see a planet transit the sun?


The next transits will be in 2016 and 2019 but which planet will this be?

I guess that you'll have to wait until 2016!

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Ding <_<

The lesson here is looking back through recent questions. Both as a question answerer and a question setter :anitongue:


Ahem....call me a pedant :rolleyes: but nobody's answered the question yet! :blink:


How long will I have to wait - NOT what year is the next one.......

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Being equally pedantic, you didn't state the units required. So an answer that states, "you'll have to wait until <some point in time>" seems to meet the requirements as it specifies an interval (from now until that point)!


Of course, my answer might not have been accurate enough for the ding, but that's another matter...

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