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The All New All New Groundspeak UK Pub Quiz

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Sticking with the punk theme, what was the name of the Sex Pistol's original bass player?


Glen matlock




Vicious replaced Matlock. Matlock is a talented musician and songwriter and wrote the majority of the Pistol's early songs with some input from John Lydon. He is rumoured to have played session bass on later recorded material along with Steve Jones - Vicious couldn't play well when he joined the band but put a lot of effort into learning the instrument and became proficient over time.

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Paging Keehotee




I missed venus transitting the sun last week. How long do I now have to wait before I see a planet transit the sun?


The next transits will be in 2016 and 2019 but which planet will this be?

I guess that you'll have to wait until 2016!

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Ding <_<

The lesson here is looking back through recent questions. Both as a question answerer and a question setter :anitongue:


Ahem....call me a pedant :rolleyes: but nobody's answered the question yet! :blink:


How long will I have to wait - NOT what year is the next one.......

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Being equally pedantic, you didn't state the units required. So an answer that states, "you'll have to wait until <some point in time>" seems to meet the requirements as it specifies an interval (from now until that point)!


Of course, my answer might not have been accurate enough for the ding, but that's another matter...

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The answer that you're looking for is The Hawthorns,




Sorry dogfort, I did ask for the ground. You get an honourable mention though for coming up with West Brom. Port Vales' Vale park and Oldham's Boundary Park are the next two highest grounds although different sources give different relative altitudes.


I actually came across this as the result of a quiz question to name the highest professional Rugby ground in the country. The answer is Adams Park - home of Wasps (and also Wycombe Wanderers).



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Calm down son I only said I didnt know the answer.


No you didn't, you said his question was a "bit pedantic". You can't go throwing around pedants in this thread, you know - People get upset and start phoning RSPP.


(Did you actually mean "pedantic"? :unsure: I think I might try "a bit esoteric". I like that word, it should get more publicity.)




Nope, sorry, don't know! :D


MrsB ;)

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As far as I am aware, Dogfort, I am not your son - and if you are old enough to be my father, then you have my deepest sympathy.


It would appear that my question doesn't seem to be too popular, so I shall withdraw it, and replace it with one more suitable for Dogfort to have a go at. Let's hope Maths is more up his street.


Q. What's 2 plus 2? (Hint, for Dogfort, the answer only contains one digit)

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The pedantic remark was aimed at MTH for the fact I said the answer was West Brom when he wanted the name of west broms ground.


How would your question be pedantic? Was a solid question I didnt know the answer to. Hence why my comment to you was 2 lines down from my comment to MTH.


With regards to withdrawing the question and putting an insulting one obviously aimed at getting a rise out of me (which has succeeded). Then lets hope you are a nicer chap in real life that your forum persona suggests.

Edited by Dogfort
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Dogfort, you may rest assured that I am an extremely pleasant chap, both in real life and in the surreal world that is geocaching. I agree that my amended question was a little on the mischievous side, you would no doubt describe it in somewhat different terms, but maybe it would not be a bad idea if someone would be so good as to state the blindingly obvious correct answer, and then I can depart this thread, never to return, at which point peace and harmony can return.

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ISTR that Elton John (or rather, Bernie Taupin) got the spelling wrong in "Candle in the Wind", missed out the second 'e' in 'Jeane', and that she was baptized "Norma Jeane Baker"; the name she went by until she adopted her stage name. However, that might not have been the name on her birth certificate because (IIRC) her mother had remarried and the Church would not recognize the second marriage. In that case, she'd probably have been baptized with the surname of her mother's ex-husband even though the name on her birth certificate had the surname of her mother's husband at the time of her birth.


Unfortunately, I don't know the name of that second husband. So this probably isn't enough for a ding, but (hopefully) it might point someone in the right direction!

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