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The All New All New Groundspeak UK Pub Quiz

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My reference to misspelling Favourite was rather tongue-in-cheek! :)


Norsch has got the name right. My sources had a different answer, but having checked, he played for Darlington first, then joined Preston in 1886, but only turned professional when he joined Rotherham in 1889.

My sources said Sheffield United in 1894, but that turns out to be when he became the first pro to play in the top flight.

In 1886 he also set a world record of 10 seconds for the 100 yard sprint. Obviously a bit of an all-round athlete!


In fact, it turns out Andrew Watson signed for Parkgrove (Glasgow) in 1876 as an amateur. Interestingly, he played at Bramall Lane for Glasgow against Sheffield in 1880, after which he signed for Queens Park.


Oh, the dangers of setting a question that's based on 'common knowledge' that's completely wrong.


So the Ding of sorts goes to Norsch because he got the name I wanted, and corrected my question!

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OK thanks for that.


My question in two parts, Where in the UK can you find a natural feature called "The Sword of Damocles" and what is it?


It's in White Scar Cave in Yorkshire and it's a stalactite.


We were there back in July :) Unfortunately our guide said it had been vandalised and broken into several pieces. However, the cave "wardens" have pinned the parts back into place.

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Our ancestors in England ate many animals which we do not eat now such as mereswínas, hors and many others. One animal they never ate were known as ánhornas or ánhyrneas, what were they?


Is this a trick question? anhornas sounds like one horn and therefore a unicorn? I've never seen one on a menu!

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They all share the ability to produce their own ascorbic acid (vitamin C)


so close but you couldn't be further away!


I wouldn't want to stir up a controversy but you asked


What can most animals do but...


and the answer is "they (most animals) can produce their own vitamin C."


So I think norsch was correct.....

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