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The All New All New Groundspeak UK Pub Quiz

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Ok, I'll stick with an Oscars theme:


Before Heath Ledger, only one other person had received an Oscar posthumously. Who was (s)he and for which film?


James Dean? East of Eden?


He was the first to be nominated, but he didn't win.

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Sorry for the delay in setting the next question but I got sent to Coventry, literally. Anyway, back now and another entertainment question but not films.


I recently took part in a concert and sang Ol' Man River as made famous by Paul Robeson (and murdered by me! :( ) . From which musical does the song come?

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Still no new question... so just to put us on.. on a similar theme... Which is the only number when spelt in English that has all it's letters in alphabetical order???





'g' comes before 'i' in the alphabet I was taught :rolleyes:


Ooops... I translated from dutch (acht) so it's half right :blink:

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Know what it is, and who he is - but wouldn't have a clue without watching the movie or Googling...... :rolleyes:

Edited to add.... luckily the pub this quiz is set in has got a big screen tv showing the movie - and free wifi.... NOT!

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The flux capacitor came when the professor banged his head on the toilet, October 10th 1955?


Got the part where he had the vision about it. Year is spot on, just the month and date. Just Sooooo close.


One of my favourite films ever - November 12th, 1955.

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Sorry for the delay guys. Real life got in the way.


Here's an easy one.


Fill in the blank.................


"The company produced a range of affordable MS-DOS-based, and later Windows-based personal computers, the first of which was the ********, priced at £399 in 1986. It was a success, capturing more than 25% of the European computer market."

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