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Hey everyone,

Im trying to get rid of my rookie card but still need to claim nube.....

We found a path tag which I understand to be different from a geocoin.

From what I have learned these are created by an individual as a trade mark or way to show and

identify themselves in a cache that they were there.

Question - what is the geoetiquette when coming across these?

Do you grab em or leave em?

I have registered the one we grabbed at www.pathtags.com serial number [deleted by moderator] but will be more than happy to put it back if thats the propper thing to do.

I suppose I could always contact the person that dropped it there and ask them.......

What would you do?

Thanks !


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:smile: Congratulations on finding your first path tag. The Path Tag is a signature item and if it is like the ones I put out it is up to the finder what they do with it. You should be able to keep it, trade it or move it along. Since they are not really travel bugs and can not be logged in and out of caches like a travel bug put it in your collection. At least that’s what I hope happens when I put one of mine in a cache.
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I don't know a thing about path tags but here is a recent thread that might make for interesting reading for you.

Thanks for the thread that did make for an interesting read.

Will definately keep an eye on these (pathtag) curiosities and keep researching them.

As my family grows in to this new (geocaching) hobbie we may consider a design (path tag) of our own...

Have to justify a gps first - using a borrowed one at the moment ha ha...

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Pathtags are just a type of signature item. You did what you should by logging the serial number at pathtags.com so the person who put it in the cache can see where the person that has it is. I have only been caching since February and one of the things I enjoy is collecting other cachers signature items. If you do not keep items like that go ahead and move it to another cache eventually someone will keep it and once logged on the pathtag website the person who's pathtag it is will see where it ended up. I even went and designed and ordered my own pathtag, it is my avatar. So far I have traded some on-line and left some in of the caches I have found. I have left them in my 100th find and my last two FTFs. What I like about pathtags is they are usually designed by the cacher and have a personal touch to them. If you do decide to have on made, your stein would make a cool looking one.

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Well I'm pretty excited. I just ordered ours today. I wanted something personal to leave in caches as a signature item, for other cachers in our area. These are well within pricing range, and the trading, and 'where they are/who's got them' tracking is all a bonus really!


I went with a designer 'Paula' from the website and am impressed so far at how easy it is, and what a great job she did with interpreting the very little information I provided. I love the design, and am looking forward to leaving these in caches I visit.

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The reason I got a Pathtag, was to leave it in a cache for the next finder to take if he/she likes it.


If you don't want the Pathtag just leave it for the next finder. No need to move the Pathtag along, that is what a Geocoin is intended to do.


A Pathtag is a little present/surprise from another cacher towards the next cacher to help put a smile on the finders face. If you would later like to trade it, drop it in another cache or sell it on the e-place, it is up to you.


Please don't abuse it as the emergency micro chip will alert the homebase, and a task force in black unmarked helicopters will be dispatched immediately. :)


Please log it so that I could see who has a Pathtag of mine and from which area of the world they came to "collect" my Pathtag.


As a Pathtag is much more cheaper compared to a Geocoin I intend it to be taken. If you like the idea of recieving such a present you might think of "paying it forward" with your own Pathtag.


Enjoy starting your collection! :lol:

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