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How far must you travel?

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I have one that when I adopted it was about 80 miles from my home, as crow flies. Now that I moved, it is about 136. Luckily it is low maintenance and I only need to check it every 60 to 90 days or so which means I get to give the Goldwing a nice relatively short ride. The rest are all <35 miles.


Going forward none will be more than 20 with most being less than 10.

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The territory in which a geocacher is able to maintain caches responsibly will vary from one person to the next. An active geocacher who regularly visits areas hundreds of miles apart can demonstrate their ability to maintain a cache 100 miles from home. A geocacher whose previous finds and hides are all within 25 miles of their home would likely not see their cache published if placed 250 miles away from their home.



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I have one that is 159 miles as the crow flies and another that is 151 miles ATCF. The drive is closer to 225 miles and 215.


I travel there every month or two, so I've been pretty good about maintaining them, though for some reason people keep insisting on moving one out of its hiding place and I've had to re hide it properly nearly every time I've visited it :laughing: .

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I have 5 caches about 75 miles to the north. I go up that way pretty often though, its where I grew up and my parents are still there.


Also have 1 cache 75 miles to the south, toward where my sister lives. Again its on my travel route.


Of course plenty here locally too.


*note: for my long distance caches, even though I travel to those areas, I was asked by locals to let lem know if I ever needed any help with them. Nice of them to offer as a back-up in case of emergency.

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My wife and I are building our retirement house in Arizona (we live in Missouri) but won't be living in it full time for a few years. I hope to be able to have a few caches out there 1500 miles away. I'd be able to maintain them at 4 to 6 month intervals. We'll see if they let me.

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