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Team Sand Dollar - 2007 - Arrowhead Sanddollar

Team Sand Dollar

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In an effort to keep me from ordering more of the 2006 coins I have decided to introduce the 2007 coin.




I have just sent the image to the mint and expect proofs in about 2 weeks.


I have not even decided on finishes yet. I am going with a different mint this time so there will be differences in the finishes from how the 2006 coins looked so I have requested samples coins in 6 different finishes. At that time I will post a picture of the coins to get feed back.


Due to the many large orders I got on the 2006 coin and the fact than many of the smaller orders where delayed I will request that any large orders prepay if they want to be included in the first batch of coins ordered. I am requesting this so I will be able to order additional coins to fill these larger orders while still have enough coins available for trade and to fill smaller orders.


I will not be taking any preorders until the proofs are in and I know which finishes the coins will be done in.



Team Sand Dollar

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I see it now. I took the cutouts as serial numbers. My mistake.



I have them all so far and am in for another round of very nice unique coins. :laughing:

Will you let people reserve their former serial numbers?


These will be trackable with an arrowhead sanddollar icon so they would be serialized. No need to reserve numbers.


Team Sand Dollar

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Last time I was (geocoin) broke about the time your 2006 sand dollars were being invoiced so even tho I wanted to I couldn't buy any. (I have since traded for a couple) So this time I will (try to) squirrel away some funds so I can participate. Of last years coins I like the matte gold and matte silver the best. This coin design is unique and interesting. Elegant as always!



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I've only once seen one of these honeys - in a black matte finish, as I recall? And it surely was wondrous. Just curious, why a new mint this time?


We were having problem getting the coins made as the mint seemed to be in no rush to make these. Additionally there where many issues and errors (wrong color on back), funny things ( coins with different font for tracking number), plus workmanship issues. We are hoping the other mint will be faster with a 2 week turn around on additional orders vs the 6 weeks it has been taking.


Will these be the same size as the older versions or larger? Count me in for a pre-order/ on-order/ ready-order... in whatever order. :laughing:


Basically the same size just a different type of sand dollar.


count me in for the new ones - and I'm still in catch up mode too.


I was hoping not to make any more 2006 coins but I have a felling there are some out there that want to complete the set but just haven't established the trades yet. I am considering have a very small quantity made to cover this, have a few to trade, and cover possible lost coins. I do not plan to sell anymore of the 2006 coins.


Team Sand Dollar

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Wow... another. I still need to get v2 and v1!!! BUt I'm definately in for the 2007 version!!!


I noticed also that the tracking numbers are in different colors/shades also on some coins ofthe same finish. Seems to be a lot of issues with consistancy - does that mean I have something rare? :laughing::laughing:


To those after version 2.5 coins - I have some spares to trade, not many, but some. See my trading list and make me an offer :laughing:

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This is exciting! More Sanddollars!


I turned two from previous versions into necklaces... a BN on a gold chain and and a polished nickel on a silver chain. They are absolutely lovely!


Please put us down for whatever metals you decide to make - one of each please. You can have your pick of trades if you're willing to go that route - 2007 BC is coming up :D or we'll send money.

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