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Unfair wait


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Out of 25 travellers in the cache, 2 belong to the owner, all the others belong to 23 other people.


I'm sure there'll be a good reason :laughing:

Just a guess but it looks to me like the event organiser has been hoarding travel bugs and geocoins (he has had some of them since last November) to boost the attendance at his event.


If that is the case its pretty pathetic. :laughing:


If not of course, I will unreservedly apologise right now. :laughing:

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They've all been grabbed back now.


There... all it takes is a polite e-mail to the cache owner. No need to get all het up about it :smile:


Aye, but will they go into caches soon, that's the crux of the matter?


My coin has been placed in a cache today... and retrieved again by a different cacher so the answer to your question is .... Probably, Yes :huh:

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