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need help understanding PQ's


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I read so much about PQ's, that I thought I would investigate them...well I guess I just don't understand how they 'work'. So here are my questions:


1. Is there a way to view the results just in my e-mail. meaning is the PQ sent like an e-mail with text or just links to cache pages.


2. Do i need to have some other software to utilize any PQ information. which one works best on the Mac platform.


I guess I was hoping that I didn't need to do much else that just look at the info and then proceed as usual. Which means: i load by hand cache coordinates into my GPSr. Print out the cache sheets and away I go. I'm pretty low tech with my cache hunting.


I hope I have explaned what I'm asking for...let me know if this doesn't make any sence.


thanks in advance.

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