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I was asked by our local Soil and Water Conservation District, to do a short Geocaching activity for 6th grade students. They rotated about 300 kids in groups of about 20 in 20 minute sessions. All day long, I gave the same 20 minute speil/activity. Made for a long day, but it was very interesting to see some kids REALLY get into it, and some could care less. I guess that in some respects, caching is no different than a lot of other programs!


I started off with a short talk about why geocaching was fun, and giving them some really interesting information about the technology of the satellites, then showed them how to use a GPSr.


I had 7 units, and I divided groups into mini-groups of 3, giving each group a GPSr. The day of the program, I hid 7 caches, including micros, traditionals, and even one easy multi. For the sake of time, I pre-entered the coords into thier units. This way I could SHOW them how to enter a coord by hand, but not take up the time to make them enter the coords. Then I let them go look for thier caches. Each cache had a log book. I asked them to bring thier caches in to the central table (we had a table set up in the lawn) and we talked about the different types of caches, and the contents therein. EAch one had a log, which I asked them to sign. I showed them a TB and a few signature items that I had collected. Once we were done, I had them return the caches as they had found them, and return to the table.


Once they were back, we talked about CITO, and I gave each kid a 35mm film canister stuffed with a shopping bag to use as a CITO hauler. It was nice, because I got the canisters donated from a photo lab, and the bags I collected from co-workers, so I had a free giveaway that promoted responsible geocaching ethics.


I think I have the outline somewhere on my hard drive, if you would be interested.


Cache Advance

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I would really like to see your outline if you do have it. I plan on teaching geocaching to a group of teenagers for our summer camp as well as integrating it into our map and compass class. I'm meeting with some resistance from a coworker about upgrading our technology, I don't plan on replacing map and compass just using a gpsr alongside because it's the newer technology and it's what the kids we work with will most likely become more familiar with in their lifetime. So if I could take a look that'd be great!




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Hi....we have been running a program that has developed a teachers guide for using EarthCaching in the classroom. The free guide will be available in a week from www.earthcache.org



My classes took part in the pilot testing. The pilot version was very good; I can hardly wait to see the final version.


The guide was well written and easy to use, even for teachers with no experience with geocaching. The collaborative teacher who works with me is not a geocacher and is not very technologically oriented, but she found it very easy to follow. It had lots of ideas for integrating GPS technology and Earthcaches into the entire curriculum, not just in science.


There were also a nice variety of types of activities from simple to complex; some took only a short amount of time, while others allowed intense immersion over an extended period of time. My students include both special needs and gifted and talented individuals. The students were able to use the student pages without a lot of additional help. The gifted group felt sufficiently challenged by the extended resources in the material.

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I teach geocaching with my 4th and 5th graders. Along with their classroom teachers, I hide activity caches around the school grounds. The activities are usually math, science, social studies, and language arts assignments, however, the kids are having so much fun finding the caches, that they enjoy doing the assignments also!


Each grade also created their own caches (GCYHAY and GCYHB0) that I placed and posted for cachers to find. Inside the caches are postcards so cachers can write back to the classes. As a class, we track on a map where each postcard was received from. We also research the area mentioned on the postcard to find out more on the area. It has proven to be a very successful project.


I even have one teacher that takes the gps devices along with digital cameras and AlphaSmarts on field trips. She said her students have begun getting so much more out of the field trips now that they have specific jobs to do and information to find.

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Hi Everyone -


I know of a number of teachers using geocaching in school. Could anyone share stories from the teacher or parent/student side for an article I'm working on?


Thanks for any info! :)


:) I just had two, week long computer camps in Kinder, Louisiana for 3rd grade and up. Our camps this year focused on using a GPS. There were caches hidden everyday around the school and neighborhood. In each cache was a prize, a logbook with a question that hd to be answered in their logbook and a stamp for their logbook. They also had a stamp to put in the cache's logbook. We had a lot of fun.


The cost for the camp was $75 if they didn't want to buy a GPS and $125 if they did. Everyone bought a GPS and I had raised enough money this year with fundraisers to purchase 20 for my school to begin using. I will be training the teachers to use this at the beginning of school.


The camp participants were so excited that they were geocaching at home the very first day. One group even found a TB and plans to take it to Baton Rouge, LA. We plan to start a Geocaching club at our school and my daughter and I have plan a lot of cool activities with TBs. I can't wait to get started (especially since my daughter leaves for college this August)


I hope this helped. Feel free to contact me if you want to. I plan to put some photos up of the camp some where (probably youtube.com).

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Hi Team LotsaCache,


I'm a science teacher (biology) from the netherlands. My pupils are physicly disabled.

A group of science teacher (including me :laughing: ) started to use gps / geocaching with our pupils this year. I have some experience and wonder if you'd like our experiences or not.




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Thanks to SandyDuff,I've decided to crosspost some info,because my local newspaper is doing a series about going around ol' Volusia for gecaches while seeing historical spots.Here's that info (websites!):























Hope you GeoTeachers enjoy these links!

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I oversee and adolesent wilderness program in the North Georgia mountains. Part of the program is teaching the students orienteering through the use of traditional compass and mapping. My lead instructor has downloaded the coordinates for the caches in our area and the students have to use traditional methods to find these caches. This has been great for the student in learning the original ways of navigating while introducing them to the modern idea of geocaching. This has been a great program for staff and student alike.

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Hi Everyone -


I know of a number of teachers using geocaching in school. Could anyone share stories from the teacher or parent/student side for an article I'm working on?


Thanks for any info! :)


I taught 4th and 5th grades last year. My husband and I geocache and also have an event at the state park where he works. he came to school near the end of the year and did a mini lesson with my 4 classes on how to use the GPS units and we let them find 4 caches I had hidden at school. The kids had a great time and I think it is really a great way to get kids out of the house and moving. Kids are naturally inquisitive and love a challenge, so geocaching was right up their ally. I wrote a grant for Robert and we got 5 new Garmin units and hopefully we will teach more about geocaching at school and also teach some kids programs at the park on geocaching.

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I just did a GPS activity this summer at three differnt summer camps. It was only a two hour time each time. Each camp had differnt grade levels, one camp was 5 - 8 grade one was 8 - 9 and one was 9 - 12. I did kept it simple.

I got the units in their hands, taught them how all the buttons work. Had them find locations with my help then turned the out in teams looking for hidden items.

They had lots of fun.

I also did a GPS class with a 6th grade class this year. I went in the classroom and taught them the basic. Then the teacher took them out on the trails at the park where I work on a treasure hunt I set up.

They had a blast! They want to do more. So now the teachers and I are looking for funding to purchase GPS. I currently barrow the one's I use. We use E-Trex H's.

The biggest thing is to keep is simple, short and get them out looking for "treasure".

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