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Charter Memberships: Policy Change?


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I'll reserve my "thank you" for when ScottJ is really done right.
They got what they asked for :rolleyes::o


or am I missing something?

What he asked for and what he deserves are two different things.

I'll leave it at that.

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OK, this is my last post on this topic. I'll keep it simple so there is no need to search back through the posts.


ScottJ came up with the slogan "The sport where You are the search engine." This slogan is prominantly displayed on the geocaching.com home page. ScottJ also accidentaly let his paying membership expire and was originally told that he probably couldn't retain his "Charger Member" status even though renewed is subscription.


As a small "thank you" for the continued use of the slogan ScottJ authored, I think it would be a tremendous gesture on the part of geocaching.com to give ScottJ free premium membershing and retain his "Charter Member" status with no need to ever renew on his own.


Now ScottJ seems to be a very humble kind of guy and would never ask for something like this on his own behalf. He's happy to just have his "Charter Member" status restored. Being so humble, he probably feels honored to simply have his slogan displayed by the geocaching.com website. Folks, slogans demand many thousands of dollars when they are sold to a big company by an advertising agency, not that ScottJ would every ask for that.


It was nice that ScottJ was able to retain his "Charter Member" status, but what is that really? It's almost no effort put out on the part of any PTB. It's simply a few keystrokes. And we were to think that the company is just bending over backwards to let him retain that small bit!


Keystone noted to me that ScottJ had his "Charter Member" status reinstated and I took his advice and toned it down a little. That was good advice, since ScottJ did get what he asked for. But I was incensed that CO Admin had the audacity to go complaining that more "thank you's" didn't come pouring in because someone had the generosity to tickle a few computer keys. Therefore, I decided that I'd reserve my "thank you" until TPTB really gave ScottJ something that deserved a "thank you." I'll say "thank you" when ScottJ has free premium member and Charter Member status for the duration.


Take care now.


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