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Humerous FOUND IT Logs

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We've already got a thread for the Funny DNF, thought we needed one for the Funny Finds. I know the DNF logs are more likely to have funny things happen, but there are still times when humor plagues your search and you still come off with a smilie at the end of the day.


Did everything go wrong, but you still got it?

Did you run into some thing so funny that you couldn't believe it happened?

Did you write a story about an uninspired cache to break up the monotony of a series of just "Found it" logs?

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Not sure if this really fits this category or not, but the other weekend in Topeka, KS my husband and I found a cache that hadn't been logged in a month on the website, but it sure had been logged in the log in the cache!

It seems like this places out in the woods by a lake was a popular place for high schoolers to go to smoke pot...there were several pages of "this is so cool" and "I didn't want to come but now I am glad I did because we found this cool box" and "pot rocks!" To their credit they left the ammo box there and even covered it back up! But it was humorous to read the logs!

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We found the cache "This ER is NOT at the Hospital" today, It had gone through a wildfire. and been destroyed by the heat. While that wasn't funny what happened while we were picking up the remains was funny. My Boy Scout son was sifiting by hand through the location where the cache had been, naming off pieces that he found, when he said "snake". At that point he was backpeddling as fast has he could, leaving poor Mom to deal with the reptile :P As luck would have it the snake turned out to be a newly hatched Garter Snake. We had a good laugh as we walked back to the car. :laughing:

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During the last presidential election people were writing "Vote Kerry!" or "Vote Bush!" when they signed the logs. The funny part was it seemed kind of spontaneous and no one mentioned it in the online logs at all - only in the paper log. I thought it was a hoot when I did cache maintenance and "discovered" the statements.

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I was feeling a bit giddy after finding a very stealthy urban nano. So, upon logging my find, I wrote: "Took lawn mower, left box of Cheerios" I think I'll continue this silliness and write impossible and humorous things on nano logs.


Something a bit similar on a nano


My Log


Due to the size of this container it was very easy to find. TN Left - watermelon. Thanks for the views and the cache.


Followed by my sons log


Nice area, found quickly. Noticed someone had left a watermelon in there, so replaced it with a bowling ball. TFTC

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I got this one yesterday (GCYT33):


Yay!! This one marks our 50th cache! Hurray for us! Nice easy find, though we did spook a muggle who seemed to be enjoying some...uh...home grow! He left pretty quick! That left us in the clear to find the cache! TFTC!


I think I would have fled as well if I were partaking in what was described and people approached carrying unknown electronic devices.

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GC11AT5 "No Strength Required, Just Ingenuity 2"

Cache was on top of a 75 foot pillar at Wright State University campus in Beavercreek, OH.

Try this one if you're up for the challenge! What an experience it was. I guess I was the first to do it solo according to the owner. (I'm in the process of putting it back so it may take a day or two before the cache is active again).

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While it's not a humorous found log, it IS a humorous 'attended' log.

Check out the "Trompin' in the Swamp" CITO event GC116RT.

Don't miss the earlier log by Jackie and Bob, as it sets up the rest of the story, and Bob's log is plenty humorous in itself.

I attended this with my wife who went there without a geo-name and came out as SwampyGirl.

Moral of the story: Don't attend a geo-event without a geo-name. You may just wind up being dubbed "SwampyGirl".

The name is a badge of honor for her, as she got it at her first CITO, and we will always fondly remember the other geocachers who were there and who will understand her geo-name and it's roots.

I was almost reluctant to write my log in the way I did, thinking that I would be viewed as a NUT by some. But SwampyGirl already knows I'm a NUT anyway, so what the heck.

I just hope someone gets a laugh from the whole thing. I know we sure did.

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Walkin the Walk - Northern Maryland


figured i should post this as it fits the topic rather well:


"ok. so, guess who i went out with tonight...yea, kevo. we're BFF4eva, LYLAS, SWAK...anywho...we went out tonight to snag a couple and decided to grab this one as the last time we tried, there was a HarCo. Deputy "writing reports" in the parking lot. we follow the gps and she's bouncing a little, but we're more or less used to that. whilst perusing the area, i decided to stand up on a fallen log to see if i can see better, or possibly get a better signal. as i stand up i use a nearby branch to steady myself...i am very, very clumsy sir. suddenly, and much to my dismay, a large, winged beast announces it's presence and what i can only conclude was a kamakize-esque offensive flight pattern, it sets it's sights on my face and charges...as i have no shame, and as i am want to do when attacked by large, unexpected winged beasts, i flail about and scream like a small child who'se pet goldfish has jumped out of the fishbowl...(ok, not the best analogy, but im trying here). anywho, as i am well versed in close quarters combat and defensive tactics, my manic-flailing and prepubescent yelping deters the assault and i run towards the light emmanating from kevo's flashlight...he knows jiu-jitsu. after a few minutes of shaking and recounting my encounter with the above mentioned winged beast, we manage to find the cache and head on out.

if only i had made this up."

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Received the following for a cache on my watchlist last month:




Compare with this excerpt from my log:


#23 - Loved this one. It had such nice ammeneties nearby. AC and restrooms were greatly appreciated. Even the "nearby occupants" were corgial. Somehow, I didn't get the name until I got home.


The cache is a 1.5/1.5 located at a facility where the employees know all about it and will generally offer some kind of help if they notice hapless cachers wandering around outside their windows.


I thought the person had logged the wrong cache (my son did that once because he looked it up by name, not waypoint) until I got to the end and realized what day it was.


Happy trails,



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I was feeling a bit giddy after finding a very stealthy urban nano. So, upon logging my find, I wrote: "Took lawn mower, left box of Cheerios" I think I'll continue this silliness and write impossible and humorous things on nano logs.


I found an urban micro and noted that I had found a refrigerator and left an elephant. (warped and silly)

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These are great! Keep 'em coming!


So far, this has been the most funny found it I've done. It was a parking lot park & grab micro in a tree, it was at a Lowes building supply store.


On the way in, we saw enough Trucks and SUVs to wonder if we could make the trail without having 4WD. Well, despite only having 2wd, the Pontiac Fiero made it in without incident.


We set up base camp over by the minibarns, loaded down our sherpas with all the gear, and began to stage the attack on the summit. On the way to the cache, we saw some 'Red Carted Shoppers' but strangely they didn't seem frightened of humans at all. Within 30 feet of the cache, we also saw a couple of nests of the Lead-Footed Teamsters, but strangely we didn't see any of them.


My Garmin GPS-V had been pointing to a **** since we left basecamp, and it took us straight up to it. The cache was found after an unbearably long search, 3 sherpas died while we were looking, they will be sorely missed. (Um, ok I found the cache while I was still about 8' away from the ****.)


We staked our flag, and surveyed the area we had covered. Yes, it was a long hard trip, but we had secured our smiley. With that, we began our long trek back to basecamp...

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Here's a "Found It" log for GCPYZ8 (Get Up, Stand Up):


May 15 by multicolor1 (38 found)

Found it at 4:06 PM.

So we get there, and because the clue insinuates that the cache is somewhat higher up, and there is a huge tree that has fallen onto another tree, forming a nice ramp that goes up about 20 feet or so, and there is a nice pile of branches and twigs in the crux of the meeting trees... Elf decides to climb up said ramp. At about 8 feet from the top, a rather large branch protrudes from the fallen tree, and it is NOT solid enough to support her. After several shaky attempts to go over, around, and past the protrusion, Elf chickens out, and slides "gracefully" down the ramp. Somewhere around 6 feet from the bottom, Elf feels a cool breeze in what had previously been a rather comfortably warm area. Looking down, Elf sees that her pants are now quite handily air-conditioned.


It is at this point, of course, that the area suddenly becomes irresistible to muggles. A few seconds after modifying her brand new caching pants, on her way to sit on a log to hide her brand new brightly coloured underpants from the now almost constant stream of muggles, Elf spots the cache. Muggles, muggles everywhere, and they just won't go away! Not only do they keep coming by, but two of them decide to sit down on a log on the other side of the cache, putting it equidistant between us and them. Then they decide it is a good time to have a smoke.


After 20 minutes of sitting helplessly on a log waiting to log, Rainbow and Elf thought they should just go home and come back later. With Rainbow walking behind Elf, they trek out towards the car... NOT! We forgot to waymark the car, and wandered out into the backyards of a row of townhouses and almost smack into a young muggle playing basketball. Rainbow and Elf carefully back up and try another direction.


This is when they notice that the parked muggles have decided to leave. Rainbow and Elf then make their way to the cache (at 4:33 PM), sign the log, replace the cache, and finally find their way to the car, safe but not entirely sound. Both this cache and the last [Accuracy? Who needs it.] have been heck on poor Elf's pants, but she went home, cleaned them and sewed them, and went right back out to find another cache [see Reforestation Letterbox] because cachers are a tough breed [or is that crazy?].


Thanks for the hide.


Rainbow and Elf

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One of my favorite logs of all time on my cache:


Dead Doll Ditch


:rolleyes: June 2, 2005 by globalgirl (1000 found)

(geez, what a girl doesn't hafta do to skirt around the limits of technology, and force an - admittedly marathon - cache log to display in some semblance of order...)

A few days late, but finally a moment to savor and log my adventures with the legendary DDD - no doubt one of the most ingenious, remarkable, and I dare say challenging multi caches on the Planet! (indeed, so much to peck, it may well take multiple logs - I mean there IS a limit on these logs is there not?) In any case, where to begin?


Talk about testing the globalgirl's mettle...


Once upon a time... the gg enjoyed a most golden morning playing in the geo-sandbox with the cinco centavo lad himself. Indeed, a wondrous adventure out to Blakey Rock, plus various and sundry post capers to warm the cockles of of any sturdy geocacher's heart (and tucker them fully out!)


Ah but... one can never really be utterly satiated with this silly game, can one? And I'd already blown off the day grown-up responsibility-wise anyway so... Suffice that - armed with a gallon jug of H2O philanthropically supplied by the C5 gent (along with a couple of extra clues to wpts 1 and 2 - alas on 3, 4 and 5 he was keeping mum) - I set off just blocks from his abode in Burien, to tackle the Dolls.


Chapter 1: Little Red Riding Hood arrives at Grandma's house (wpt 1) and grabs the cookies from the cookie jar in mere nano seconds. Given the extra hint - first reach: Houston, we have contact!


Chapter 2: Grettel skips off (Hansel was back at the house taking a nap) to find the proper trail into the woods easy-as-pie, but then... So o.k. I overshot GZ and searched high and low ("knee in root, reach" hints notwithstanding), clamoring ALL over a very likely (albeit 100 ft. WRONG) "nurse". Suffice: a good 40 min. worth of fruitless YUK! and that poor nurse was crumbling apart in my fingers. But really, Grettel should know better. Know enough by now to reconnoiter the Maggie and see perchance where else it might lead. Sure enough - why I'll be darned, 'nuther "nurse" just a tad SW and... The prize was finally in Grettel's greedy little fist.


(insert DDD error #2: having read every blessed one of the logs, I SHOULD have known/checked both the coord card here and - apparently - a second set of coords on the lid? In any case, suffice Grettel didn't. Which is to say...)


(to be continued in the note that follows, due to imposed techno logging limits set here at gc.com coupled with my admitted penchant for blather - especially when it pertains to a supremely fine multi-cache like this...)


June 2, 2005 by globalgirl (1000 found)

Uh... as I was saying...

Chapter 3: This little Piggy traipsed up hill and down dale - try this path, follow that road, see what's 'round this bend - all to no avail. The "distance to cache" was tantalizingly close (w/in 120 ft.) on many an occasion, alas only to turn a bend and grow again larger, and larger and larger. So much so in fact, that Piggy began to doubt her pig-brain and... actually returned to wpt2 to be sure she had the coords right! She did. So alls she could do is retrace her many steps and try anew. Suffice: thank GOODNESS for the blessed log of one Miss Cathy! "try adding .011" said she, and by golly - there it was!


Chapter 4: Repunzel skipped blissfully along the wooded lane towards wpt 4 with her jug of H2O heaving weightlessly on her back, for she knew pretty much what lay ahead. And so it was. As expected, the clouds soon parted and a great light beamed down on the saxophone. Yessiree, right there, piece-O-cake, no need to even let down thine hair, right? WRONG! Oh the joy was there all right - tantalizingly there - just a matter of devising a bit of creative McGyvery, and playing the flute. Ah but... the dame was STUCK I tell ya! lodged ever so tightly that no manner of agua would turn the tide. SUBMERGED was she. Verily GURGLING bitty bubbles of "help me! help me! help me!" and alas all Repunzel could do was stand there helplessly watching her DROWN! Ah but finally - the fairytale fairies relented and suddenly - the tight-assed little lass with the golden tresses was FREE!


Chapter 5: Growing weary now, from the drudgery of sweeping soot off the evil Step-sisters' (a.k.a. CENT5) rusty hearth, Cinderella happily jumped into her pumpkin coach and led her team of snow-white steeds deeper into the woods - in eager hopes of meeting her Prince Charming (the final prize). On Dasher, on Dancer, on Comet and Blitzen! (oops, sorry, wrong fairytale) Onward Cindy loped (for she was half shoeless after all, not to mention weary from a full day's geo-trotting to islands and waterless lakeview parks, to computer logging and geocoin trading, not to mention 4 full wpts of wooded trudge under her dainty gossamer belt.) Off she hied with every confidence of easily nabbing the joy and kissing her Mr. Right before day's end. Ah but this too, was not (so "easily") to be. Oh the ballroom was in full swing to be sure, with piper's dancing and Enya playing mood music amid the greenery. But could the Cinder-gimp spot Msr. Charming among the nooks and crannies of that wooded glen? Well most certainly not without a good bit of thrashing and flailing about, until... Plopping her demure little, satin swathed bum onto a handy mossy log right there near the bandstand to think things through (did I mention by now she was covered in soot and bean dip?)... She wearily rose, wobbled on her one glass slipper a fairly wide berth of the bandstand, and... OMG! There he is! My Prince! My frog! THE FINAL CACHE (and ohhhhhh my, such a splendidly cammoed bundle of sweetness it is!)


What can I say C5? A most gloriously inventive cache - right up there among the best. Not for the faint-hearted mind you, but hey - fairytales are what this game is all about, yes? SL don't recall that I T anything, but L a bitty globalgirl passport # 17 ('twas all I had left, wished I'd had at least a globe to go with it, for this was surely a cache most worthy of the sweetest swag.) Oh and... TFTH would seem hardly enough for this one!

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This is my funny find story.


I hunted a small cache in Catigny Park, WHeaton, IL it's a war memorial, botanical garden, has a mansion, and trails etc. and a very public place. I kept loosing the satelite signal but I managed to narrow it down to a 40 feet area maybe. Couldn't find anything. I noticed another geocacher (holding his GPS out obviously)and invited him to join the hunt. He couldn't find it either.


There was a shallow cement pond with small statuary in the area with a very dense wiast high hedge around it. Desparate, I laid down in the wood chips along the hedge to look under them. I found the cache under the hedge on the second side I checked. I called to the other cacher, and opened it still laying on the ground. He squatted down nearby to sign the log. We took a picture of ourself with the disposable camera then we repacked and slid it back under the hedge. When we stood up a whole bridal party was posed maybe 15 feet away across the pond. I don't know what they thought to see a 50 year-old woman pop up behind a hedge with another, somewhat younger, man.


Caught! Honestly there was no one around when I laid down and I wasn't down that long!

Shocked, I looked to the other cacher who muttered something like, "so much for steath."

I looked back at the bride and said. "beautful dress" and got out of there.


It was three firsts. the first time I ever cached alone, the first time I caught another cacher in the hunt, and the first time I was caught by muggles. But I was caught with style!

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Here's a good one from one of our archived caches...it's true...it really happened...lol


October 15, 2005 by ALOFT23 (4522 found)

The time is now 9:40 P.M. The co-ordinates are right on the money. As you can tell by this log, it is nearly halloween and it is definately dark. There is a third part to this scene - the location. I was getting ready to sign the log when I heard this weird sound coming from up the street. Whatever it was, it was getting closer. Shortly I could see sparks coming from the pavement. It was a horse and rider. Never knew that horseshoes give off sparks when trotting on asphalt. The good news is that the rider did have a head and not a pumpkin nor was he dressed as death. The cache itself is again well done. I retrieved the log, but failed to see the keyrings until I replaced the log. So I left a Louisiana keyring TN. SL. and got out of there. TFTC.

Edited by Team OleOmi
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Not sure if this really fits this category or not, but the other weekend in Topeka, KS my husband and I found a cache that hadn't been logged in a month on the website, but it sure had been logged in the log in the cache!

It seems like this places out in the woods by a lake was a popular place for high schoolers to go to smoke pot...there were several pages of "this is so cool" and "I didn't want to come but now I am glad I did because we found this cool box" and "pot rocks!" To their credit they left the ammo box there and even covered it back up! But it was humorous to read the logs!

I found something to that affect in a cache. It said, "we got stoned and found this crap. It's some kind of conspiracy!"

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This log is self explanitory :D


This log is in 3 parts. Why? Because it wouldn't fit in one log


What a cache this one was. My very first first to find. Was it worth it? You decide.


It all started the night of the 27th. I had just finished reading Ted the caver, (visit link) and was about to go to bed, when I decided to just check to see if there were any new listings. I have a radius of 10 miles from my zip code locked into my favorites folder, so I can just check and run. WHOA!!! 8 new ones. 2 are right down the road. After some moaning and butt kissing, the wife finally said that I could go and get one.


Fortunately I had already downloaded the coordinates into the GPS. Now what do I need to be out in the woods at night? 3 small mag lights and 1 large one, 1 bright neon green jacket, 1 hunter orange hat, 1 walking stick, 1 GPS, 1 pen, and NO FEAR. Out the door I go it is now 12:10am, hope fkrol, Aquaman134 or Mushroomman have not decided to make a midnight run like myself.


Arrive at the park at 12:15am and see that the park is closed from Dusk till Dawn. Hope that no cops show up and run me off or worse give me a ticket. I pull into the lot and see no cars are around and better yet no tire tracks in the fresh puddles. This might be my lucky F.T.F. cache. Lucky for me there is a bit of moon light out to help lead the way. I kept the big mag light off as not to attract any attention on my way in. 500, 400, 300, 200, 100, 50, almost there. Shoot, I need to cut through the wet grass.


I'm here, now to start looking. Not here, maybe there, nope. Darn the moon is gone. What is that? I don't like the looks of what ever that is, better investigate. I start to look at what ever this container is and don't like what I see


part 2

Now take into consideration I have just finished reading a story kinda like the Blair witch, and my nerves are on red alert being in the dark and all alone.


There is no ID to tell me it is a geocache. Is this some sort of sickos sick idea of a Bobbie trap and what are the odds of it being near a geocache? and in the middle of the trail.


I'm on full alert while checking this thing out, KERPLASH!!!! I jump 5 feet in the air. what was that? Talking? do I hear talking coming towards me? I listen for a few. Nothing must be the wind in the trees playing tricks on my ears. Investigate again, KERPLASH!!!! Now I am so freaked out it is not even funny. The hair on the back of my neck is standing straight up, NO LIE.


I want to go and do this one in the morning when I can see. No you cry baby do this and get it over with, you are a man, get the find and then you can go home. I still do not like the looks of this container. I take off my jacket and put my wallet in the pocket along with my GPS, and place it about 30 feet away. Just in case it is not, what I hope it is.


I carefully pick it up and inspect it, and start to pry the lid off. KERPLASH!!! I drop the container, look around for a few minutes, nothing. Pick it up again and pry the lid. Why is it making a hissing sound? Don't stop, keep going. I stop. I try shaking it hoping to hear that there is what sounds like a log book and a pen inside. Something is in there, try again. I don't like that hissing sound!!! POP!!! I fly backwards and land on my bumm and the contents fall all over the ground.


part 3

It's the cache.


I quietly laugh at my self for my nervousness. I start to check out the contents. Am I the first? Noooo!!!! there are wooden nickels in here that have other cachers logos on them. Who are these people and how did they beet me here? ARUGH!!! I am so disappointed. Fill out the log and still have a story to tell anyways.


Wait a minute. I am the First To Find. Better make sure first. I am. I start to do a little F.T.F. dance. Signed the log and then got the heck out of there. I really didn't want to find out what made those noises in the water anyways.


On a side note: I received 4 personal firsts on this cache. 1: First to Find, 2: first night cache, 3: First time I broke the law to find a cache, 4: the first one of these containers. I don't recommend trying to get the 3rd one. I did place the cache off to the side of the trail in the bushes and sent an e-mail to the Rocking the Goat at like 2 am to let them know that it was messed up and that I had no idea how it was supposed to be placed.


I hope you can laugh at me, as well as I am still laughing at my self on this one. Thank you Rocking the Goat for the experience, and Mad Min for publishing it when you did. genegene

Edited by genegene
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this is my log for our find at (GCQC5Z) Schuylkill County Vietnam Veterans


Found this one in the pouring rain at night. I looked for about five minutes, and thought of the clue. Well the gps gave me a reading of 2 feet, and YES!!! I found it. I was so happy, i ran back to the car to get out of the cold rain. Got in the car and thought, i dont remember this one being a hide-a-key, i opened the container, and thought "what the hell is this?! A small key was in it. I thought for a minute or two, and said "What do i do with this. Why doesn't it have instructions and why doesn't it say geocache on it? So i decided to put it back, and look again, well i found the real one, and SL. Apparently, a hide-A-key, is really for hiding keys not just geocaches. I assumed the key was to the pad lock on the power box. LOL Do i get extra credit for finding that?


the key was actually for the electric panel padlock. I guess that's why it was hidden on the back of the unit. I guess they didn't hear about geocaches. LOL

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