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New Geocacher seeks help which GPS to buy

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I hope someone can help me.


I am new to this but am sure I will enjoy it and want to buy a nice colour screen, user friendly, reliable GPS handheld for geocacheing, predominantly in the south of England. I have narrowed my search down to the Garmin 60csx or Legend csx.


I have a car sat nav so am not worried about that part of the machine.


In order to be able to do this properly I believe but am not certain I also need to get a decent map to load onto the machine as the base maps are not specific enough.


Basically I would like to know what GPS machine and map combination would be best.


Money is a consideration but if the 60scx was significantly better for geocaching I would probably get it.


I have seen American versions of these machines cheaper pre loaded with USA maps


Does anyone know if they are worth taking a punt on and then loading english maps onto?


I would appreciate any help


Thank you



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[Three GPSrs in and I’d recommend the 60CSx. It’s got good reception under tree cover, which is where you’re going to fin yourself looking for those micros. I don’t know about the compass problems though so I’d defer to someone who does. What’s the matter with the compass, Sensei?

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The biggest gripe with the compass is that it needs recalibration every time the batteries are changed but does not remind you about this. My older Etrex Summit would moan after the batteries were changed until a re-cal of the compass was done. Sometimes a re-call is required even if the batteries haven't been changed.

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Thanks everybody


I checked Ebay and the internet for American Garmin 60scx


I found 60scx £231 "hobby cache"(American shop) + delivery from USA and possible duty

which is a bit of a gamble


Or there is an englis shop GPSonline selling american import £299


Genuine European model £339


Do you think it is worth saving 40 quid and get the Yankee version?


Also please could someone reccomend which maps to get for it


Thanks for all help



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I'm not sure but I think the two main maps are Metroguide and City Select (or similar). The latter is compatible for autorouting. The former is not*.


The former is the cheaper of the two and has good street level data. I think there is a TOPO version too which shows topography on the maps and footpaths.


*PM me for more info on this.

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Thanks Sensie TSKC and every body else


I think I will probably get the Imported American Garmin 60CSx for £299


Unless anybody has had a bad experience or thinks differently?


It seems an easy saving of £50


Sorry to all the regulars for bumping this back up, I just want to be sure I get things right from the begining, I am usually the bad workman and dont want any excuse to blame my tool.

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The BIG difference is that the CSx uses SiRF III technology, which means it streets ahead of the Legend and any of the eTrex range - even the older CS does not use this. In laymans terms, it will hold a signal under almost any conditions and it will give a more accurate reading. If you buy a legend you will only wish you bought a CSx at a later date and you will then only spend more cash upgrading again. I guarantee you.


I tend to get to the cache location with compass off, then switch it on to get me that last few feet. It is useful, but certainly not essential.


You want Topo Great Britain V2 for geocaching and walking as it shows tracks and paths as well as roads. It is also routeable on GPS (I know you said you may not need that, but it can't be a bad thing). Costs about £145.


Be very wary of import duty. :) Some auctions guarantee paying import duty if / when you get collared. I don't know if / how this works though.

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I use a GPS60CSx and it's the Mutt's Nuts (or dog's bollocks, if they'll let me get away with it :) )

The electronic compass can be a problem as you tend hold this unit in your hand at about 45° to the horizontal. The compass will behave irratically if the unit isn't absolutely horizontal. Best advice is turn it off if you're not using it but if you do need it, remeber to hold the GPSr flat.


[EDIT.... Ooo... They did ]

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