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does the US TOPO 24K, National Parks need an unlock code?

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I have National Parks 24K, East, and it came on one CD. It does not require an unlock code. Not sure why it's asking for a topo disc 1, unless you also have US Topo installed and when you open Mapsource the "Select a Product" choice in the upper left is pointing to the US Topo, and not the 24K.

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Put the CD back into the drive and see if the program then works.


The regular TOPO USA requires that the CD for the particular area be in the drive.(Unless you have installed the different areas to your hard drive)


Is TOPO 24K the same?

No. Nat Parks Topo24K resides on your hard drive (like City Select, for me). You do not have to insert the CD each time.

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