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GPSMap60CSx and City Navigator NT 8

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Just received City Navigator NT 8 today and installed the entire continental US on my 1gb card. I was out for a drive and checking out the autorouting when all of a sudden I had nothing but the basemap. I pushed the find button and the icons for the different points of interest were gone (ie: food, lodging, gas, etc...) I turned the unit off, and then back on and they were back. I've been using the same memory card for quite some time now and didn't have any problems when I had Metro Guide maps on it. I also checked to make sure the card was seated properly since I had it out earlier in the day but it seemed to be seated properly. Don't know if it was just a fluke or what, but I was wondering if anybody else has had a similar experience with the 60csx and City Navigator 8. Thanks

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I had a similar experience with my 76 CSx and the Topo! maps. It happened just once very shortly after loading them and hasn't happened since. I wondered if it was related to the latest firmware update (3.20), but it hasn't happened again. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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That happend to me also, but I didn't realize it right away. We were on Spring break and couldn't understand why the GPS was giving us so terrible directions when auto-routing. It turns out it was auto-routing using the built-in basemap, not City Navigator NT 8. I ended up in someones backyard! I fixed the problem by reloading the CN NT 8 maps.

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Same thing happened today with my 60CSx and MetroGuide NA v7. I was stopped on a road, zoomed in and was panning the map to follow a dirt road and the road just disappeared. I zoomed out and just the base map was there. I went to map setup and it just showed the base map installed. Turned the GPS off and back on and everything was fine. Running latest v3.20 unit software.

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