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It's another congratulations thread ;-)

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Yep, time to venture into the unknown (for me) and raise a forum thread ....


Congratulations to TOS (the_other_Stu) of Team Phoebe on achieving his 300th cache.


After a failed attempt to achieve said goal of getting 13 on a very miserable and hail-stoning Sunday afternoon at the weekend, we only managed 11 and were left with two to get. We picked up a nice easy cache and dash yesterday evening, and rounded off nicely this evening (with one of Stu's favourites - a multi!) with his nearest unfound cache. The owner made us work for it, but we got there with just enough light left to find it :-)


:o:D Congratulations :o:(

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Tossy Wossy?!!!!!!!! :anitongue:


Well done Stu. And it was only after you sped off last sunday that I realised you could have discovered and signed Cuckoo Cache 2, which is currently residing on my sofa before it's release back into the wild this weekend. Dur!!


Anyhow, well done old chap!!

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