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Dark Side of the Cache

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Any news on the progress of the coins?


Actually, yes.


The STANDARD EDITION coins are running on schedule - they have been shipped stateside, and I should have them next week, and start shipping the pre-sales.


The LIMITED edition coins are delayed by 1 week due to quality control - they caught a problem before they shipped, so they are being re-minted and will be in my hands the week of May 14.

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This coin is being minted right now for samples, which I should have in my hands in a few days, at which point I will be deciding on metals... Any suggestions on metals and preferences?


The coin will be 1.75 inches in diameter, and the "Limited Edition" will probably have a glitter coating on the side with the prism.




Once I have the metals selected, and the final minting process is underway, I will be offering them up for pre-sale.


Each coin is trackable, and will have its own icon (Still working on the icon, should be a small prism/pyramid)

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Any news on when these might go back on sale? I went to order and sales are still "temporarily paused". :laughing:


Edited to add: The thought just occured to me that sales might be paused while GW5 is going on... Trying to wait patiently, because I want one of these so bad, hehe. :anicute:

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