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YouTube photo montage...

AV Dezign

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I just uploaded a simple photo montage done with the photos taken while looking for good location to place a geocache on an island near Montreal. It depicts our travels and things encountered from our arrival on the train up to the final cache location and then our way back out the other end of the island.


Photos by both me and my wife (Aventurine)


Symphony of the Earth - GCXRZP


Does anybody else here have youtubies to share?

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Looks like an awesome hide, mon ami. Bordering on the nasty, I would say! :rolleyes:


Chris (CZ)

BTW, I liked your intro on the latest Podcahe!


I had just sent them that recording the night before, so when I woke up to listen to the latest podcast and heard my own voice I was sure I had clicked on my recording by mistake and I was about to reclick but heard the familiar counting of Podcacher... :rolleyes:

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Here is another one I did of the photos taken by my wife (Aventurine) at the Event Cache "Avalanche 2nd edition 2007" on Feb 24th. I was to busy to take photo, But my wife takes great photos.




The above was done using iMovie HD, the other one before (see top message) was done using only iPhoto.


ps. I'm sure this one will make Sandy shiver since it was an event cache outside in the snow.

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Very nice.

What software did you use to pull that together? I like the zooming and panning effects


I just used the iPhoto that came with my mac. You can do way better stuff with iMovie, but it take a bit more time.


BTW Fiz, I don't know if you scanned my tube, but you are in there I think from my movie of the first Montreal Even Cache by Shawn & Holly.


Wow, that was quite a while ago now. Seems like in an entirely different country (well Quebec). I think that I spotted myself in the background right at the end stuffing my face and see Nozz there from the local crowd. Lots of good caches in Quebec. I think that I should be able to log most of them twice though... once as a cache and once as a puzzle for having translated the french so that I can figure out what the heck it was that I'm trying to find! :-) :-)

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