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To anyone who is interested in the Swanage meeting this summer

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Right... I've had a few emails from people who say that they would like to meet up in Swanage. The general preference seems to be for a low-key casual sort of meet / TB exchange, rather than a formal 'event' if that's okay.


Also, some people have said they would just like to pop over for the evening, others have said that a lunch time event would be better.


So... how does this idea sound? Meet on Swanage sea front at about 1pm for fish and chips if people would like to. If it's raining, The Parade fish restaurant is quite nice and the prices are reasonable. Have a chat, then go off and do some caches / shopping / skinny dipping, whatever you like...


In the evening, meet in a pub for a drink, and anyone who wants food could have a bar meal.


The Bankes Arms, Studland and the Village Inn, Ulwell have both been suggested. Personally, I think the Bankes Arms would be the best choice - it has a large accessible beer garden overlooking the sea. On Friday nights in July and August you can see the Bournemouth fireworks from here too. The Village Inn is nice, but it's located in a caravan park which will most likely be busy from June onwards.


I am quite happy to set some 'urban' nano caches if people want more caches to find. I will also check to make sure that the Bankes Arms is DDA compliant. I'm 99% sure they are, but it can't hurt to make sure.


Suggested dates: Saturday 30th June or Sunday 1st July

Fri, Sat or Sun 13th, 14th or 15th July

Fri, Sat or Sun 17th, 18th or 19th August - any of these any good?



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Hi Becky,


The June dates are the dates for the Carry On Camping Weekend.


Other than that it looks fab. :D


We'd more than likely make your August dates but have family commitments on the July dates.

But .....you can't please all the people all the time and I'm sure if you publish people will attend, Swanage in the summer sounds tempting.


Best of luck.



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Okay, I have changed the June dates in the post above. I was just going to ask people to suggest dates, but then everyone will come back with different ones!


The only weeks that I think we should avoid are the last week of July and the first week of August, as this is around the time of Swanage Regatta & Carnival, and the town will be chock-full of muggles.


In fact, come to think of it, one of our caches is hidden in the main field used for entertainments, I wonder if it will survive?!

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Okay, found it, thank you. It seems that there is something going on pretty much every weekend though, so if people want to meet up, I'll let them suggest dates!


Trouble is, now I've found lots of events on the bookmark list that I want to go to as well. For instance, Snowdonia - yummy, one of my favourite places. I really need to learn to drive...

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i'm prob ok for all three weekends not sure of the better half's commitments!


to be honest it will be far easier to just pick a saturday that suits you and let people make up their own minds. nothing wrong with setting it as an event cache as far as i can tell. i'm sure three certain individuals will say if that's wrong!!


fish and chips, caching , sunshine and the pub later! :anibad::anitongue:

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checking commitments!! certainly not the evening do though... drat.


Sorry, it was really difficult to find a date that would suit everyone. We picked 14th July because it's not carnival week, hopefully the weather will be okay, and there didn't seem to be too much else going on.


Never mind, if it's just me, Dorsetgal and Red Squirrel, maybe we'll get some kind of record for the smallest event ever!! I'm sure we'll still have fun anyway. <_<

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Hi everyone. Re: Swanage meet - this Saturday, 14th July at 1pm.


It's good to see that so many people are hoping to attend. The meeting place is in The Square, Swanage, where there is an area of seating, some accessible toilets (20p entry I think though! :laughing: ) and several chippies! The co-ord's are listed on the cache page. If anyone would like further directions, or suggestions of where to park, please let me know via email. There is also direct beach access from nearby, so if it's a hot day, kiddies may want to bring their swimming costumes, crab lines, etc.


We are hoping for good weather, but the 'emergency' plan if it's absolutely pouring with rain is that we meet in Kay's cafe. This is located on the sea front, opposite the Mowlem Theatre. From The Square, proceed along the promenade (the walkway next to the sea) and after a very short walk, you will find yourself outside the Mowlem - Kay's is on the opposite side of the road.


I have asked if we can reserve tables in case of wet weather, but have been told that this is not necessary. Apparently, they are used to dealing with coach parties so it shouldn't be a problem.


It would be great if you could bring any travel bugs and coins with you. If you would like other people to take these away, they need to be logged in to the event first, if they are just for people to 'discover', there will be no need to do this.


So - The Square if it is fine, Kay's if it is very wet. My husband is working, so I will be on my own, I can't be in two places at once, so if it is very light rain, assume we are meeting in The Square!


If you need to get in touch with me on the day, my mobile number is 07766 311449, it would be appreciated if you could send a text message (which includes your Geocaching name) rather than phoning.


If anyone has any suggestions of items I should bring, or anything I've forgotten, please let me know! This is the first event I've ever organised and only the second I will have attended, and although its aim is to be quite casual, I'd like to get it right!


Last thing, I promise! Our Obelisk cache (about two miles from Swanage) has been muggled. I am pregnant and the cache lives at the top of a hill! If anyone is thinking of doing any of the other caches on the hill (e.g. Gary & Jane's 'Devil and the Deep Blue Sea') or just fancies a walk and would be willing to replace the cache for me, please let me know and I will bring a replacement cache with me - I would be very grateful.


I think that's everything, but please email me if you have any questions.



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