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Run for the Roses

Camp Explorer

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Run for the roses.


Coming soon to the Geocoinshop


The details

Price: TBD

Size: 50mm x 32mm

Thickness: 3.5mm

Back roses are transparent imitation hard enamel.

Metal types:

Antique Bronze

Antique Silver

Two Tone LE

Qty 500 Max

Trackable: www.geocaching.com

Will have its own Icon

Activation codes at Geocoinshop


Based on a painting By Paula of CinemaBoxers

Artwork By Paula




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Im glad everyone likes it - this was my 'dream coin' that I never could actually happen - thanks to Camp Explorer - here it is.


I can't wait till its available - now that Ive seen the samples in person - Im in LOVE with this one.


Really glad theres been such a positive response! Its SO much nicer in person, photos just can not do it justice!

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I just ordered a 3 coin set. Thanks!

PS - I'd love to hear more about the AE, SE and Custom versions.


The AEs are going to the artist.

The SEs are staying with me for special trades.

The custom names have a special persons name engraved. The others are for my portfolio with Geocoinshop on them or what you see engraved in the photo's above.


Wow did those sets go fast!! I think I got the last 2 tone-WHEW :)


I just listed 6 more sets with Two Tone LE.


Thanks Tom

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