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$50. Garmin Xmas Rebate

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Do a search in this area, there was a lot of discussion about folks who were not getting their rebates, I believe they contacted Garmin directly and Garmin helped them out, but the specific info is in a different thread somewhere in this subtopic (Units and Software) Not that you want to know, but I did get my rebate a few weeks ago.

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Even though you're probably a stinky Red Sox fan I PMed you the contact information from the individual I worked directly with. :laughing:


I received my rebate about 4 weeks after I sent it in. Also, just general info. for those who may not know, it's always a good idea to photo copy everything when sending in rebates anywhere otherwise it's unlikely they will re-issue a check if it got lost in the mail or anything of the sort.

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I would play baseball...but not watch...I'm not a sports fan so I dont prefer any team over the other lol


Thank you for the phone number...I just left a message for that contact.


I did make and keep copies of everything! Yes..that is always a good idea!!


It does show that they received and processed my Rebate....I just never received it :laughing:

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I had emailed the garmin website earlier and they checked into it.....I have no idea why a machine would send it to a different address....


"Thank you for contacting Garmin International. Due to an incorrect address, I have contacted the off site rebate company and asked them to reissue another rebate check. Please allow 15-20 business days for the rebate check to be issued. The rebate check will be mailed by the Postal Service to the address below. The rebate check will look like a postcard and will not be enclosed in an envelope. Please watch for it."

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