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[GPicSync] geolocalize your pictures with your GPS

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I'm developing a little free application for my own interest but which could also interest other people here: GPicSync stands for G:GPS Pic:Pictures Sync:Synchronization


It's an Open Source Software with a simple graphical interface (for now Windows, later Linux and maybe Mac).


It looks like this and this and you will find more informations here:




After "synchronization" you can for example use your pictures with software or websites which can read the localization meta-data in your pictures (like Picassa/Google Earth or Flickr).


Geolacalization (or geotagging of pictures) is a phenomenon that I find very interesting and which is growing quickly: 13 millions of Picture geolocalized on Flickr for example.



Most of the time people drag and drop photos on a map to fix the position but it is a long and not always accurate process. The good thing with geocaching is that we already have a GPS :)


If you try or use it I'm interested to have some feedback (problems, feature request, etc). Next versions will have more features.


Thanks :D

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It's a neat idea and I like the fact that it is done automatically. In addition to writing the co-ords into the file meta data, would it be possible to have an option allowing the co-ords/timestamp to be overwritten onto the image itself.

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